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    nuDynasty Spoilers And, for now, the burned Alexis is played by...

    Amy Sutherland
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    nuDynasty Spoilers Mark Jennings is played by ...

    Damon Dayoub
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    Who will Fallon choose in the season finale?

    I think Michael is a Colby. Make him a Carrington is impossible in order to pairing him with Fallon. As a Culhane, there is no more connection to the Carrington and Fallon. His mother could have an affair with Cecil Colby , Philipp Colby, or why not Jason Colby...
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    Who do you think will die in the season finale?

    I hope it will be Cristal/Celia... We need to love a charismatic woman with moral ethics who loves her husband, helps him in difficult moments as Kristle in the first Dynasty of 80'. She was the perfect opposite of Alexis... Blake was rude, nasty, and unfair. Kristle was raped by Blake... She...
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    Jeff and Monica's mother is Dominique !!!

    In the first soap Dynasty of 80', Millie Cox, alias Dominique DEVERAUX was the new half sister of Blake Carrington, illegitim daughter of Tom Carrington, Blake's father... In the last episode of Dynasty (2018), Jeff and Monica's granny reveals that she had an affair with Tom Carrington, and...