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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E01: Guilt Trip to Alaska (Season Premiere)

    Forgive me for not reading the whole thread. I don’t know if this was mentioned but I am entirely miffed. So upset that their was no title card or memorial at the end of the episode for Diahann Carrol. Her character is on the show! I know it’s different and a reboot, but I think it would have...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E03 The Butler Did It

    I was hoping for the Amanda reveal. But Adam’s reveal is still in question. Blake actually mentioned him this episode so they want the viewers to remember Adam. I’m wondering if Liam’s uncle is actually dead. The hooker/escort who Fallon paid could report to the blonde Culhane dealt with. (I...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E02 - Ship of Vipers

    I’m just happy that we didn’t get a likeness to the original Kirby. I couldn’t stand her.
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    What's ahead for Liam?

    The fact they haven’t slept together still gives me some hope he’s Adam. No one believes Adam is still alive after Alexis’s scheme(which no one else knows about), so it would be a good plot twist. I think he’d be a half brother though. Alexis slept with the guy who Van Kirk who just died. It...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E01 Twenty-Three Skidoo

    True. Didn’t really think that through. I guess bc I’m assuming he’s still gonna be married to the new Crystal somehow.
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E01 Twenty-Three Skidoo

    I loved the homages to the original. Down to the snake jewelry on nuAlexis’s arm. I swear Joan wore that at one point. In the original, Didn’t Alexis come back bc she was out of money? I felt like original Anders kinda broached that. I could be reinvisioning bc of the new show, but she also...
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    nuDynasty News And so the wait for s2 begins - time for predictions, rumors & spoilers

    I don't think we'll be getting any more major characters that are older. Dominique will be it for a major character. It is the CW. They skew younger. That's why Fallon essentially is the main character
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S1E22 Dead Scratch (The Season Finale)

    There has to be more to it though. She didn't know about the wedding. She couldn't get herself out of the sanitarium by herself. She had to have an accomplice. How was she gonna leave the sanitarium? Call an Uber? She doesn't have a phone. Like I commented in another thread, Fallon said she was...
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    What happened to Matthew?

    Someone had to be behind it other than Just Claudia. Is Fallon behind it? She did meet with Claudia and said she'd get her out. Did she find a Matthew lookalike? He showed up and Fallon was mentioned and he said she's not gonna help you get out. Maybe that's why Fallon says OMG bc she thinks...
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    Very good season finale

    Agree! I love to hypothesize though. The way they have ended this season shows me now that they are certainly capable of twisting the story in a good way. I can't think of a season finale that has made me feel like this for years.
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    Very good season finale

    This was such a complex episode. From what is actually going on in this episode to the correlations to the original Dynasty. I am loving it more and more.
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    Very good season finale

    Well, Liam could have a prosthetic as well. We don't know. When Alexis arrived at the wedding she told Hank to get out, but she knew Cristal was locked in. Didn't she say something to him that she was gonna deal with/figure out what to do with Cristal?
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    What happened to Matthew?

    I really think this needs a thread on its own. Is Matthew still alive? Was he a figment of Claudia's imagination? @tommie pointed out Claudia locked him in the closet. With everything happening, I totally forgot that. If he was actually alive and with that last scene with him and Claudia, it...
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    Very good season finale

    I'm saying it again. Liam is Adam. This is how original Adam and Fallon started. They fell for each other so quickly. It seemed everyone knew who Liam's family was, maybe they kidnapped Adam and he's Liam? Honestly, over the course of the original series, was Fallon ever happy in a...
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    Very good season finale

    How and where are you watching? I've always wanted to see it.