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    Josh Henderson declared innocent- case rejected!

    I know Josh has fans here and wanted to clear this up as soon as possible so everyone could see- Josh Henderson is an innocent man who was falsely arrested for a burglary he didn't...
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    Josh Henderson Arrested for Burglary

    Surprised this is not up. Shocking. Don't know what to think. The Arrangement and Desperate Housewives alum Josh Henderson was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday for suspected burglary, E! News has confirmed. TMZ...
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    VIDEO: Trailer

    Yikes! the first thing I noticed is that they are using the same type music that TNT Dallas would put in their promos- which is not a good sign. After watching, it's apparent this isn't really Dynasty- they are just using the same names and a few characteristics of the characters to create a...
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    3 characters promoted to main for season 8

    They are not going to be in the opening credits, are they? Is that what that means?
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    Dallas Character Could Sue Ellen's film ever be released...?

    Back then, it would be hard because it would need a distributor, and the time it takes to do that, people would lawyer up.
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    If Dallas Returned in the style of the new Twin Peaks

    I guess for me, besides obviously viewing it as being bad, I viewed it more as a failed reboot because it seems they ripped off and rewrote several of the original plots, and that's not a continuation for me, more of a re-imaging of the original show, so I can dismiss it more easily than others...
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    Dallas Actors Quote - VP "First 5 years of Dallas was Wonderful"!

    I myself thought Bobby being shot was the end of the great years, so I really loved Season 7. I know what Victoria was saying but I think Season 8 really served her well personally even if I was not as thrilled with the season as a whole. She had some of her best acting scenes in that scene-...
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    What could have been done instead of the "Dream Season"?

    Exactly. i think without the "dream" aspect, we never would have gotten the very excellent Season 10- which was surely the best one from season 9 to the end. There was all that shitty baggage they would have had to contend with from season 9 and they wiped it clean- some sort of twin would...
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    If Dallas Returned in the style of the new Twin Peaks

    Well, TNT Dallas should never be acknowledged again as part of Dallas- should be written off as a bad dream. If any part was revived- no substantial audience would be interested, anyway. But David Jobs doing an additional season to explore the themes of original Dallas and how those times...
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    Your Favourite Death

    Mickey Trotter. It touched upon so many themes and it gave Lucy and Ray some of their best scenes of the series. The whole arc was so gripping and it did seem grounded in reality and plausible. I can still hear Lucy shouting at Sue Ellen in the hospital. "You're not satisfied with ruining...
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    Lorenzo Lamas – “What spats?”

    He's probably the last person to ask about what really was going on during the show.
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    Missed Opportunities

    Cousin Jimmy could have come back to join in the Barnes/Ewing feud. At least there was real history there and continuity. I think Clayton was a missed opportunity. We saw him with all this power and prestige in San Angelo but he never seemed to be that person after he came to Dallas. They...
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    The Walking Dead S7 E15 Something They Need

    I could never forgive him for giving Sasha poison to protect Negan. That's an ultimate betrayal. But of course if she dies, who will know? The thing is, this is a departure from the Eugene in the comics, and if they did that, they could do anything with him, really- there is no one definite...
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    The Walking Dead S7 E15 Something They Need

    They will never be safe with that gang of Saviors. Wyoming, Vermont and North Dakota are the least populated states and they aren't that far from where they are, so those states would have the least amount of zombies. I don't see how anyone would be much worse to deal with than Negan.
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    The Walking Dead S7 E15 Something They Need

    I thought it was better than last week. I enjoyed the Sasha/Eugene stuff though I don't see how Eugene is going to carry on in a post-Negan world. I know I would never trust him. I understand his reasoning but it is terribly selfish and cowardly. I liked the return to Oceanside although it...