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    Do you accept the TNT show?

    For me, I enjoyed the first two seasons. The third season just seemed to make a wrong turn and never got back on the right track. I wouldn't say I would disregard the whole TNT series though. They definitely could have done more homework. It would have made much more sense to make Carmen...
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    Elena's Baby

    Just out of curiosity who does everyone think was the father of Elena's baby? In my opinion, no show's season should end on a cliffhanger without already knowing it's picked up for another season. So many things were left up in the air.
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    Christopher and Pamela's Divorce

    Was just rewatching the second season of Dallas and I was just wondering why no one brought up in court when Christopher was trying to get the annullment that he and Pamela would be legal cousins. So basically Christopher unknowingly married his cousin.
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    wondering about Southfork and Harvey

    If you check out their website,, it has a post saying Southfork is welcoming Hurricane Harvey evacuees.
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    Just finished re-watching Dallas TNT

    I just finished watching Dallas TNT again this weekend. I think it was the first time I've re-watched since it originally aired and I still have a couple questions. First off in season 2, I don't see how Christopher couldn't have gotten an annulment. He unknowingly married his adopted first...