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    Karen's pill storyline used in drug-treatment programmes

    I found this interview online where Michele goes into detail about this storyline with lots of clips from Knots about 9 minutes in. A bit worthy, but nice to see her in her prime, and some clips of our sadly missed Kevin Dobson:
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    Sons & Daughters Top Ten - The bitch-slaps

    Has anyone mentioned the famous exploding hoover cliffhanger? That's my all time fave, episode 818: Fiona's ominous dialogue: "If you were going to kill me, you'd have done it before now" followed by that close up of her foot and the stunt double catapulted backwards....... In terms of shock...
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    How long til they're gone?

    Yes it would be a gamble and I may be wrong, it's just my humble opinion. I have watched it on and off over the years since 2001 or so with Gary Lucy's rape storyline. Bringing back all these old characters just seems a bit desparate and tragic, as with Eastenders. It's probably just that i've...
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    How long til they're gone?

    Sorry guys but Hollyoaks has been on its last legs for years. It has to go soon, and hopefully a new soap fit for the 2020s and our very changed times can launch soon....
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    MAKING LOVE -- the gay soap opera from 1982

    Michael Ontkean is adorable to just drool over in anything he appeared in, but perhaps dressed as Sheriff Truman in Twin Peaks he was at his best.
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    Sad news: Kevin Dobson has Passed Away

    Mack had some lovely scenes in Season 4, trying to bond with Eric and Diana when he first moved in with the family. He got it wrong a few times, but they learned to love and respect him in the end. I haven't heard anything from Michele Lee quoted yet. Is she lying low a bit these days?
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    Terrific episode titles

    Down Came the Rain and Washed the spider out 1 & 2 - Knots Landing Our Father whose Art ain't Heaven - Frasier Woody Gets an Election - Cheers Where's your Sense of Humour? - Tales of the Unexpected When a man loves Two Women - Frasier Lamb to the Slaughter - Tales of the Unexpected Things Ain't...
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    'The Single-Handed Destruction of "Falcon Crest" by Kristian Alfonso's Pilar Ortega'

    I agree with the end of that last post - Melissa was terrible, her character had long outlived it's purpose, she was incredibly annoying and she needed to go IMHO. I actually quite liked Pilar, contrary to popular opinion - to me she was a breath of fresh air and I appreciated what Filerman was...
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    Changes to your forums

    Well I can't wait. I just love a controversial revamp. Haven't been this excited since Kathy returned to Eastenders!
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    Chase Gioberti: worst character in falcon crest

    I liked him too. Him and Jane Wyman were the 2 people that made we want to watch this show. Something about his piercing eyes and that sexy beard. I'd have loved to work on his vineyard taking his masculine orders. Angela would have really scared me though.
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    What was your biggest Knots dream come true?

    Same here! BBC 1 in the UK took the show off air midway through Season 3. Then about 3 years later they brought it back again in a new afternoon slot. From Season 4 onwards I taped it religiously and watched when I got home from school.
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    Re-watching the Ewingverse ... alphabetically!

    LOL! I had a similar feeling about this episode, but I am also fond of it - it's one of the first ones I ever watched and got me into this show. The criminal underworld stuff and Angelo whoever is name is was all a bit contrived and confusing, but as you say, that ambiguous ending kind of...
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    Changes on screen

    I can imagine a fun scene between Val and Bobby talking about the twins: Bobby: So how are the twins? Val: Bobby and Betsy are fine. Do you know who we named Bobby after? Bobby: Me? Oh, that's so flattering. Val: We named him after you, so that your name lives on, even after you're gone. Bobby...