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    Little House on the Prairie

    I love the character of Nellie. You have this very pretty and angelic looking little blonde yet she is mean and selfish to the bone. A young Abby Ewing if you will.
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    Dynasty gag reels.

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    Lance in season 3.

    Sadly, such a concept would never occur to Angela.
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    The best head spin on Falcon Cest.

    Who did it best?
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    Lance in season 3.

    During season 3 the character of Lance is wildly inconsistent and borderline ridiculous. Blackmailing Angela with threats of sabotaging her, then he turns around and gleefully assists her in said cases. Even has himself beat up. One minute he does not care anymore about her threats to kick him...
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    What was the last book you read?

    Just wrapped Dynasty by Robert Elegant. Billed as 'to China what Thornbirds is to Autralia' but I saw it more as 'to China what Centennial is to the American West'. The family drama at the heart of the novel is absorbing throughout but when it switches to China's political history it severely...
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    Why Was JR So Hell Bent On Getting Rid Of Pam?

    Yep, it certainly did not help that Pam was a woman he could only desire but never have.
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    What was the last book you read?

    I just wrapped up a novel by novelist Shirley Lord called Golden Hill. About three generations of three rather miserable families set on the island of Trinidad. Lots of soap opera, rather insipid sex scenes (so many damn nipples) and a scintillating look into the history of the island as it is...
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    In which season was Abby at her nastiest?

    It did not help that Gary was a weak enabler and easily duped at the time.
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    Did Knots change with the times?

    From the late 70's trough the early 90's there was naturally plenty of social and cultural change taking place. Would you say Knots Landing did a good job of changing along with it?
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    Dallas Character J.R's most notorious schemes.

    His legit threat to force an abortion on Sue Ellen. He meant it.
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    Why was little Josepth the key to the Agretti Vineyards?

    It became rather stupid as Joseph was out of the will the moment his paternity became known to Angela, which anyone with half a brain should have realised, making Lance continuing to stay married redundant.
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    Another Falcon Crest theme swap.

    Thank you very much.
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    Another Falcon Crest theme swap.

    Cheer this man.
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    Another Falcon Crest theme swap.

    I made another video where the FC cast is in another show's intro.