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    If the powers that be took a vote to bring back Dallas, how would you vote?

    I would like to know what it was like for JR when he first started at Ewing Oil.
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    Most Obvious Plot Hole In Dallas

    Yes, I found that ridiculous as well. The Ewings owed Cliff nothing especially given the hell he put them through. JR did the right thing shutting down that oil well. Now if Digger came into JR's office with that document, that would have been OK since he sighed the papers.
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    JR Ewing: Too Offensive For 2020? Part I

    As I have said, Larry Hagman and the writers were careful not to make JR over the top evil and gave him some redeeming qualities. Its Bobby who was this mindless hothead and resorting to violence that some would have a problem with as I did during the series run.
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    Why Weakening JR Wrecked Dallas

    I am in agreement, they did destroy JR's character starting with that ridiculous Hayleyville storyline and the sheriff coming to his office. JR accepting James when he was suspecious of Jamie was especially bad and ruining JR and John Ross' relationship. We loved JR always winning and being...
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    I don’t see how Bobby in any way was responsible for Rebecca’s death

    Yes I would have preferred that Katherine had challenged her mother's will in court as well. That would have been a better story than her bedding JR and chasing after Bobby.
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    That moment when....

    Kenny Coyote, I love your assesstment and agree with you. Yes it was hard to take the actor seriously in the role maybe because I had seen him in other roles previous.
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    That moment when....

    Lucy was a waste of a character kind of like Bliss Colby on the Colbys and Amanda Carrington on Dynasty. There were possibilities wasted by the writers.
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    That moment when....

    What got me with the Casey Denault story was how easily Lucy was hoodwinked. You would think that over the years, Jock, JR, and Bobby would have warned her about con men.
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    What did you guys think of Alexis suddenly being a mogul over night?

    That would have been much better than what they came up with for Alexis.
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    How Dynasty Stars Would Like to Change Their Characters

    I agree. I would have preferred Adam having layers to him and not being a one note villain. That is why I would have liked him and Amanda to have had a relationship like Steven and Fallon had. The writers on Dallas were better with their characters than Dynasty was.
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    What did you guys think of Alexis suddenly being a mogul over night?

    Thanks for the responses guys. This has always bugged me.
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    Should Rita have been more evil?

    Linda Evans hated that storyline which I can understand. I know doppleganger storylines are a part of soaps and dramas but for me, I have never cared for them. We are to believe that some person can be made to look like you and impersonate you and your loved ones, friends, etc will not know...
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    What did you guys think of Alexis suddenly being a mogul over night?

    For me, it was hard to take her seriously as a mogul who could go toe to toe with Blake and almost defeat him. He went from being an artist to a CEO just like that. Maybe if she had started out as a junior executive in a company and was the right hand of the CEO, I could have bought that.
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    Dallas Character Bobby's Temper

    I myself never had much use for Bobby who I saw as a bully and a thug and mindless hothead who seemed to be more loyal to Pamela and Cliff than to his own family. His reason for leaving Southfork was dumb. I could understand if was because he felt that he and his wife should live in their own...
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    Familiarity Breeds Contempt

    Good analysis. I have always wondered if JR had started out as being idealist at first but over time that ended as he was screwed over. I remember that scene where Bobby asks JR, "Do you always have to strong arm people?". I wish the writers had explored that more and have JR and Bobby in a real...