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    Am I ACTUALLY trying to kill myself??

    I sometimes think that I am the only normal person on here. Everyone else is a bit of a weirdo.
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    Weird dreams

    You're a proper class bird, Sar.
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    Same old, same old - programme genres

    I like 'Tipping Point'. That Ben Shepherd is ******* brilliant. I also love 'Tenable'. My favourite bit is where that bloke says 'Is that a tenable answer'. Really good television.
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    Weird dreams

    Listen Sar, if I take you out wining and dining, I don't want you embarrassing me by pissing yourself just before the hors d'oeuvres.
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    Tea/coffee: With sugar or without?

    My only real contribution to the great debate is that I always prefer having my tea out of a mug with the handle on the left hand side. I can't seem to pick the mug up properly otherwise.
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    What was the last book you read?

    People often tell me that they have seldom met anyone so cheesy.
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    Lockdown Hair Situations

    I'm currently growing my hair like that bloke from the Human League. I think I look pretty cool but it is difficult finding hats that have one side longer than the other.
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    What was the last book you read?

    Well, I'm only 12, Sar. Maybe we could arrange a play date or do our homework together.
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    "Next Friday"

    Words are a system of signifiers and signifieds. A is not A because it possesses definable qualities of A but because it is not B or C. Language has no positive meaning, only negative. Exemplified by the theories of Ferdinand de Sassure and Stanley Fish. However, in practice, we have a loose...
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    What was the last book you read?

    I bet you know all about square roots and long division, don't you Sar. Were you one of those child prodigies who was studying rocket science when you were 5 whilst all the other kids were writing stories about what they di in the holidays ?
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    The Corona Virus

    The big problem is that the powers that be, whether governments, Councils etc etc have a delicately balanced situation where they say that safety is the most important criteria in all this but, on the other hand, society starts to disintegrate when businesses close, the economy becomes stagnant...
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    What was the last book you read?

    Being the brainiest bird on the forum, it doesn't surprise me when you read dead grown up books, Sar. I bet they haven't even got pictures in, have they.
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    What was the last book you read?

    It wouldn't be my sort of read, Sar, but each to their own. Effectively, they seem to want to 'earn' money for being who they are rather than what they are prepared to do which is something I don't like but I am just one mouse and not the voice of the people who seem to love them.
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    What did you have for lunch today?

    I've been looking for the 'What did you have for breakfast' thread but couldn't find it. Seriously, are things so desperate ?
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    Recycling Services

    Sar, recycling bins aside, I'm a bit worried that you might not be getting the appropriate vitamins and fibre in your diet. Tins of beans and pizza just won't cut it, I'm afraid. I've put a few suggestion below for you. MONDAY - breakfast consisting of brown, wholemeal toast, scraping of...