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    A Christmas present dilemma

    I wouldn't say anything to him, but next Christmas or his birthday give him a present and put some other guys name on the card from you! Then see if he says something to you about it! :D
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    Winter Images

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    Places around the World A to Z

    O- Orlando
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    Winter A-Z

    O- Overcoat
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    What celebrity do you resemble...?

    I was told MANY years ago that I looked like Sean Young... and I kinda of think they were right...
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    Sean Connery at the US Open Two of my favorite and Sean Connery! Yum Yum! :spinning:
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    What are you making for dinner tonight?

    Minute steaks & broccoli cheesy rice!
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    Happy birthday Mrs JR Ewing!

    Thanks everyone!:mall:
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    Mercedes driving day.

    This is my favorite Mercedes! :p
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    Season 7: Episode Discussion

    Finally a dragon DOES something! I have been waiting 7 season's for this!:cool: Point of interest...Tyrion shows concern for Jaime...nice! (9:05 mark)
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    Dallas Top Ten Top Ten

    1. Southfork (the den, where everyone did their drinkin!) 2. Southfork (exterior) especially the barn loft where Ray and Lucy had sex (repeatedly!) and where JR pushed Pam off! 3. Southfork (dinner/breakfast table) 4. Ewing Oil building (exterior shot) 5. Southfork (JR/ Suellen's bedroom) 6...
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    Grocery store check out lines

    Wow...I never thought about the "plastic bar" rule and allowing several inches to allow for spilled items not to crossover and poison my items... I think this is what concerns me most when grocery shopping..
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    Glen Campbell has died aged 81

    My favorite because...well, I'm from Wichita!
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    to Colorado! :) What I mean to say is I am going on vacation with my family to see our son and his wife in Colorado! I am super excited can you tell....:hats: