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    What OG storylines are left now?

    She could play Rosalind. After all, she is the only one who had a history (and a very specific scene) with both Amandas...
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    Last TV show you watched?

    More "Man in the High Castle" Season 4.
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    New Patrick Duffy Podcast

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    Changes to your forums

    I hope no one misreads it as "ToryAddicts"...
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    Things wrong with Season 9

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    Changes to your forums

    Will be able to use the G word...or our grandmothers will have to be forgotten?
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    Changes to your forums

    My best wishes to everybody working on "the change". However... couldn´t the word "Addicts" also put some people off visiting or joining, as if we discussed... addictions?
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    What is Coming?

    Finally, the truth. My anti-conspiracy team (ie moi and Da Pig) have been working for the last months in order to be able to understand why two Dallas characters were able to exist in the Dallasverse. Indeed they are the not-too-loved Don Lockwood and Vanessa Beaumont (aka "De Lovely"). Today...
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    What is Coming?

    Time has come. But here you are a nice little commercial:
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    Changes to your forums

    Moi wants to collaborate with you and give you a few advices: Therefore, I hope the new forum will be stylish and beautiful!!
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Latecomers

    4- Alex Barth (Knots Landing) 5- Hillary Taylor (Dallas) 6- Miss Piggy (Dallas) "Moi Shot JR!!"
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Latecomers

    1- James Beaumont (Dallas) 2- Anna Cellini (Falcon Crest) 3- Lee Ann de la Vega (Dallas)
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    Who were the hottest couple in Dynasty Town?

    Hilda and Jeannette. Tony and Toni.
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    Every post amazes me more and more!! Kudos to you TJP! :10: That bridge in Century City reminds me of the one next to Mack Mackenzie´s office in "Knots Landing". It was used to exhaustion there...
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    What is Coming?

    She´s coming!!!!