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    Sue Ellen's Scene With Jeremy Wendell

    Question, in the scene where Sue Ellen rejects Wendell's necklace and offer to formally date, was Sue Ellen too harsh? As much as I understand Jeremy was a clear villan, I found Sue Ellen to be too brutal? What did you all think of that scene?
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    Dallas Actors Priscilla Pointer

    Does anyone have ANY intel on why Priscilla Pointer was written out and her character killed off on the show?
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    Dallas Actors Best BBG Acting Peformance Over a Storyline, Not Just a Single Scene

    Oh yes, trying to break Jock's will was excellent. I get emotional during that scene when she walks out of the courtroom, flanked by the defeat. But I didn't like how they wrote her to just throw her hands up and dismiss the issue after the court hearing. She should have at least...
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    Dallas Actors Best BBG Acting Peformance Over a Storyline, Not Just a Single Scene

    Perhaps my favorite actor of any Dallas cast member was Barbare Bel Geddes. She was just superb to me, a cut above the rest in acting skill. What are your favorite BBG acting performances over a whole storyline, not just a single scene acting performance? There is actually quite a bit to...
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    Which actor had the best cry or weep technique on Dallas?

    Let's get down the some true acting talent questions. Who was the best cryer on Dallas. Here's my top 3: 1. Ken Kercheval (epic!) 2. Barbara Bel Geddes (gifted) 3. Victoria Principal (she was a better cryer than talker as an actress, no question) Honorable mention: Linda Grey and Susan...
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    Dallas Actors Out Donna Reed In Barbara Bel Geddes

    I agree with several points, disagree with a few. I think Donna Reed was doomed from the jump. I think she was eager and excited about the role, and making the role her own, as would any decent actor. Reed didn't want to be a BBG clone, probably couldn't be if she tried, nor was she ever...
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    Who would the Ewings and the Barnes vote for?

    Perhaps I overstated a few points, (along with my typos), since it was 3am in the morning when I wrote my post above. My overall point was that it wasn't a Trump/Hilary type dymanic for the Ewings and most of the cast of Dallas. It was a question of moderate, right wing, or far right wing...
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    Who would the Ewings and the Barnes vote for?

    Virtually every single cast member would have been Republican. It would just be a matter of whether any were moderate or close to center. But none would be left of center. Even Miss Ellie. "Daughters of the Alamo" does not sound like anything but traditionalist Texan charity organization...
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    Dallas Character Bobby's Push to Post Sue Ellen's Bail

    If you were a member of the family sitting the breakfast table, would you have supported Bobby's push to post bail for Sue Ellen after she was charged with shooting JR? Why or why not?
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    Dallas Character Mark or Bobby. Point Blank

    Ok, so taking all factors into consideration AT THE TIME, I have the following questions: 1. Who do you think "loved" Pam more and why, Mark or Bobby? 2. Who would you want to have a one night stand with in 1985, separate and apart from his relationship with Pam, Mark or Bobby? Just as an...