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    How Would You Have Done the Post-Dream Season

    More intimate scenes between JR and Mandy Winger. Have it where Mandy gains a sense of arrogance and lords her looks and sexuality all over Sue Ellen. Have it where JR enjoys Mandy being a model and it turning him on even more knowing he gets to be the only one to have her. Have that...
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    Re-watching Season 7

    JR was ALWAYS kissing on Mandy. The man never gave her any space to breathe. I really wonder how Mandy truly tolerated that. A middle aged man constantly aroused, horny and all over her nonstop. Every night they went to bed she would always have to entertain him with sexy lingerie and then...
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    Sexual Innuendo in Dallas

    Did you notice over the years how Dallas had a ton of sexual innuendo (and even borderline strong sexual content to some extents)???? JR was looking at Mandy with pure sexual lust when she opened that door and checking out her entire backside. Mandy mentioning how "hard this is for her" and...
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    The Caption Thread

    JR/Sue Ellen fight
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    Re-watching Season 7

    Mandy's sexual reactions to JR being all over her was a great indication to how wild she was in bed. JR wanted her badly, and then had sex with her for the first time after they had that intense moment. JR went to see her in the next episode, horny and eager for more sex with her, and he neck...
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    Sex and the City (of Dallas)

    Here is another example to add to the thread.
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    Dallas Pictures J.R.'s Famous Mistresses: Pictures and more

    JR Ewing and Mandy Winger
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    Dallas Character JR/Mandy questions

    We all know JR was a horny animal. He was the horniest for Mandy. The second he laid eyes on her he was doing anything to have sex with her (bringing her flowers, asking her out for dates, etc). Then when he did at that hotel, he loved it so much that he badly wanted more go arounds in bed with...
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    Sex and the City (of Dallas)

    There are hidden/subtle scenes of sexuality in this scene especially with the revealing clothing Mandy is wearing. The first one is right around the 23-25 second mark when Mandy opens the door. You notice J.R. is lustfully looking down at Mandy and her short shorts/ass. He is thinking about...
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    Underutilized Characters in Dallas

    I am confused on the bolded part. JR's passion in lovemaking scenes with Mandy was far less subtle than Mandy's. Mandy was wild in bed, and they were displaying that on a network show as indirectly as possible. The show displayed their sex life as epic. This would have been a graphic sex life...
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    Dallas Pictures J.R.'s Famous Mistresses: Pictures and more

    JR Ewing and Mandy Winger making out at her apartment and drinking champagne while Sue Ellen is hiding in the bushes crying her eyes out with jealousy and heartbreak.