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    Cast culls

    Aside from the end of season 8 when the show lost Bobby and Lucy, I think there were three other cast culls during the shows run through caused more damage Beginning of season 7 - in the space of a few episodes we lost the original Miss Ellie, Mark, Katherine and Afton. End of season 10 - we...
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    The timescale of Katzman and Duffy returning to the show

    It would be fascinating to know at what point in 1986 did Leonard and Patrick know they were coming back? And how quickly was it from initial confirmation to filming the shower scene? As i’ve often said I think the shower scene was the real problem. It sounds as if Katzman said let’s make it...
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    Making the dream resolution easier

    Watching season 9 (dvd) and then going straight into season 10, of course the dream resolution makes everything very jarring. But there’s some other things that don’t help - The switch to cheaper film stock. Suddenly the show looks cheap, fuzzy and pink! Everybodies pink! - The hair and make...
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    My visit to Dallas

    I visited Dallas in the summer of 2009. I arrived at night and stayed at a hotel in the city centre which was being renovated. I can’t recall the name but it was an old hotel and had been used in the show. It was absolutely beautiful. I spent a couple of days wandering around. Finding the...
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    The genius of the Katherine plot

    Just after Katherine shot Bobby and fled, the producers tried very hard to make us forget about her for the remainder of the season. The intention being that Katherine was orchestrating everything from behind the scenes- Naldo breaking up Jenna and Bobby, Naldo subsequently being killed and...
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    Did the Margaret Michaels scene make a difference?

    Did the scene with the recast Pam and the Doctor make a difference? In story terms should it have been left ambiguous what happened to Pam? Was that scene needed or did it complicate things?
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    Season 9 or Season 10?

    Dallas is in a unique position where it presented two different versions of what happened after Swansong. So let’s forget the whole dream thing. Based purely on scripts, acting, plot, the look of the show, music - do you prefer the first TWELVE episodes of Season 9 or do you prefer the first...
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    Still no soundtrack

    It’s absurd. If the seventies Wonder Woman can get a 3 cd release of the incidental music, surely Dallas can. I’d love a soundtrack covering the middle years and maybe one especially devoted to Swansong. I’ve posted before that we should be emailing LaLaLand Records and Silvascreen about...
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    Didn’t Patrick owe it to the fans to insist on no dream

    Patrick chose to leave the show. He wanted to be killed off. And then when things didn’t work out he wanted to come back. Of course he was being offered vast sums of money but shouldn’t he have thought about the lunacy of Bobby dying being written off a as a dream whilst negotiating his return...
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    Could Deborah Shelton and Jennilee Harrison scuppered the dream?

    At the end of season 9 (the dream), Mandy is dumped by JR and Jamie is blown to smithereens. Of course next episode they’re alive and well again as it was all a dream. BUT... If Deborah and Jennilee’s contracts had finished at the end of season 9 and they thought that was the end, obviously...
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    Why oh why didn’t they resolve the Pam issue at the end of the original series?

    It does seem very strange that knowing Dallas was ending by the time of the last episode no attempt was made to resolve what had happened to Pam. We know Victoria Principal had turned down the offer to return for the finale as there was no guarantee it was the end. But surely by the time of...
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    John Digger Barnes

    Watching the football show - Harry’s Heroes on ITV, the ex players refer to ex England international John Barnes as Digger - named after Digger Barnes! Never knew that
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    Let’s get the soundtrack released

    We all love the incidental music of Dallas (well most of it) Isn’t it high time we all banded together and tried getting it finally released? We’ve heard things before that it might happen but it hasn’t! Let’s start 2020 with a combined effort. I’m suggesting we email silva screen records...
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    The end of season 10 (dvd)

    Just picking up on a similar thread posted a few days ago. The end of season 10 - there really was too much change wasn’t there? We lost Donna, we lost Pam. We lost Ewing Oil! And that was something I’d never thought of before. And I remembered watching 1st time round 30 years ago and hating the...
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    Instead of the shower scene

    It’s the end of season 9 (dvd). Jamie is blown up. Sue Ellen is blown up. And then we cut to a private hospital room. We see a nurse standing over an unseen patient. The camera pans slowly up the patients body. A hand twitches. The life support stutters. The nurse reacts as the patient opens...
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    Steve Kanaly and Susan Howard

    Did they like each other? In almost all Interviews Steve seems to suggest he would have preferred Ray to stay single before it became ‘Donna and Ray’ Yet from a viewer point of view Ray and Donna were amazing on screen together
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    Season 9 - Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

    Just starting a thread following a previous discussion. This episode - particularly the final few scenes have such a Christmassy/Thanksgiving vibe to them. Including the score. The episode was originally transmitted 13th December 1985 (with another episode the following week). Maybe the...
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    Instead of the dream...

    The latest Halloween film last year ignored all of the sequels and carried on from the first movie. Superman Returns ignored Superman 3. What if season 10 (dvd) Of Dallas just ‘ignored’ the previous season and Bobby’s death and carried on from Pam and Bobby’s reconciliation. So nothing was...
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    Pam and Donna leaving

    Weren’t Pam and Donna’s exits written the wrong way round? All of season 10 (dvd) Donna has less and less screen time, becoming more detached from the show (I’ve said it before, how Susan Howard didn’t realise the writing was on the wall much much earlier is beyond me.) The whole story...
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    Uk transmission of dream season

    I’ve been trying to find UK transmission dates for episodes. From what I’ve seen there was a huge gap between Bobby’s death in summer 1985 to the next season which apparently went out in spring 1986. Is this right? (Obviously US started transmitting Autumn 85) I don’t remember the gap being...