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  1. Grant Jennings

    I Have A Serious Questions That Deserve Answers!!!

    The Golden Globes were last night and Jason Bateman and his daughters spent the evening at the home of Jason's F•R•I•E•N•D Jennifer Aniston. When I saw a photo of Bateman and his daughters at a table in Aniston's house (Empire with Louis XIV chairs, very nice) my head exploded. First, I thought...
  2. Grant Jennings

    Ex KGB Agent Alleges Russia Began Cultivating Trump As A Russian Asset 40 Years Ago

    Yuri Shvets, a former KGB agent and a key source for the new book American Kompromat by journalist Craig Unger alleges the KGB took note of trump in 1977 when he married Ivana. They began a "charm offensive" ten years later when trump and his first wife visited Moscow and St. Petersburg: "The...
  3. Grant Jennings

    Tchaikovsky's Influence on Bill Conti's Theme to Falcon Crest

    Film and television composers have been greatly influenced by Classical composers. It's even a common practice to edit portions of motion pictures to a piece of Classical music before the score is composed. Some directors will ask a composer to write a piece similar to a particular piece of...
  4. Grant Jennings

    Another Reason to Hate Ivanka and Jared

    The Washington Post just posted a story that says the Kushners refused to allow the Secret Service agents assigned to protect them - I repeat assigned to protect them! - use of any of the toilets (there are at least 7 according to real estate listings) in their house in D.C.'s Kalorama...
  5. Grant Jennings

    Spun-off and Watered-down

    It has struck me that when a favorite supporting character is spun-off to their own series the character is often watered-down or has their rough edges smoothed over as part of the transition. A prime example of this is Rhoda Morgenstern. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show Rhoda is brash and...
  6. Grant Jennings

    It Didn't Have To Be A Dream

    Here's my solution to bring back Patrick Duffy/Bobby Ewing without dismissing an entire season of episodes as a dream. After we see Sue Ellen enter J.R.'s office and witness the explosion we cut to the following scene: Establishing shot: the coast of St. Barts with luxury villas along the...
  7. Grant Jennings

    Dominique And Alexis Go At It Again

    This cut-for-time sketch from Saturday Night Live was clearly written by a Dynasty fan.
  8. Grant Jennings

    Why Is It Abbreviated As "DS"?

    The CW has created logos for its series with abbreviations of the series' names. I'm puzzled by the logo for "Dynasty" because it's "DS". Can someone please explain?
  9. Grant Jennings

    Adam Should Have A Brain Tumor

    Adam is evil, irremediably so. Mile High Adam's evil ways were attributed to drug abuse frying his brain. If Peach Adam is to remain on the show there must be some reason for some of his family members to tolerate him. I previously expected there would be a doctor's convention at La Mirage with...
  10. Grant Jennings

    A Grain Of Sand In My Shoe

    At work I share the responsibility of interviewing job applicants. During some interviews I'll get a sense of something that I can't pinpoint that will give me cause for concern - something is "a bit off". I've described this to my co-workers as similar to having a grain of sand in my shoe. I...
  11. Grant Jennings

    The Carrington Estate, Delta Rho and The Lake

    When Krystle goes missing at the start of season nine, Jeff and Sammy Jo drive off to "the lake", a favorite spot for Krystle (though we've never seen her there before); there they find the corpse of Roger Grimes. Later Sammy Jo is at Delta Rho when she is confronted by the scuba diver who...
  12. Grant Jennings

    God Help Us All!

    Brace yourselves. The speculation is true. What we've all been dreading is true:
  13. Grant Jennings

    U.S. First Ladies - In Moldavia?!

    I just watched a clip on Youtube from season 5, episode 29 and noticed some familiar faces hanging around (literally) the Moldavian Summer Palace. Portraits of Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe and Caroline Harrison can be found in and outside Amanda's bedroom at the palace.
  14. Grant Jennings

    Alexis Morell Carrington... Flores?

    We've all assumed the man who will "expire" shortly after marrying Alexis is Jeff. What if it isn't? It seems like we will be meeting Cristal's father pretty soon and he is a wealthy and powerful man so he's obviously Alexis' "type". Cristal speaks of her "family" but I don't remember her saying...
  15. Grant Jennings

    What Horrible Mothers They Were

    The women of Knots Landing may have had some admirable qualities but most of them were very poor mothers. Lilimae: abandoned Valene and Joshua to become a star in Nashville (which never happened) and didn't bother to connect with her children again until they were adults. By that point Valene...
  16. Grant Jennings

    Another Character Being Recast

    Agents with A.C.A. have announced their client, Aiden, will not be returning to the CW network's "Dynasty" next season. Aiden is said to be displeased with the darker tone the series has taken on recently as well as being dissatisfied by the lack of screen time and perpetually being "on the...
  17. Grant Jennings

    A Very Brady Renovation

    Last year the Los Angeles house used in establishing shots as the family home on "The Brady Bunch" went up for sale. HGTV purchased the house with plans to use it for a series. When I learned this I imagined them giving the house's split-level mid-century modern style a 21st century update. The...
  18. Grant Jennings

    Felicity Huffman in Federal Custody

    Felicity Huffman (Lynette Scavo on "Desperate Housewives", Oscar nominated for "Transamerica") has been taken into custody by the F.B.I. as part of a crackdown on parents who have used bribes to help their children gain admission to prestigious universities. Huffman faces several charges...
  19. Grant Jennings

    "What Shall We Do With The Boy?"

    Chapter One It was an early evening in September, Sable Colby was in her bedroom in her home "Belvedere"; she had a suitcase opened on the bench at the foot of her bed and had laid several outfits across the bed. Sable was trying to decide what to pack when she heard her husband, Jason, who had...
  20. Grant Jennings

    The McCall's Sewing Patterns

    From 1984 through 1986 the McCall's Pattern Company produced a line of sewing patterns under the name "Nolan Miller's Dynasty TV Series Collection". Pattern companies had used celebrities (usually Hollywood actresses) to endorse patterns for decades (even if the actress never appeared on screen...