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  1. Tony

    Rashid Ahmed is Dead

    Sad to hear that John Saxon has died at the age of 83. He gave an amusing and flamoyant turn as Rashid Ahmed in Seasons 2, 4 and 5 and should have been kept as a recurring character to cause problems for the Carringtons.
  2. Tony

    Opening Credit oddities

    I've always thought Dynasty's opening credits were very well done. As Jostein Gripsrud says in "The Dynasty Years" book they speak of 'solid, clever, craftsmanship'. But I've always wondered why there were some anomalies. For example; Rock Hudson's credit stands out in not having the fountain...
  3. Tony

    Dynasty in Decline article

    Interesting article from the Orlando Sentinel dated 30th January 1986 just before the retooling episodes started airing. All things must pass. Civilizations. Empires. Dynasty. ABC's dog-eat-dog nighttime serial has apparently had its day. No. 1 in prime time last season, Dynasty wasn't even...
  4. Tony

    Emma Samms has Coronavirus

    Emma revealed that she is self isolating and is in Day 10 of having Coronavirus in her home in the Cotswolds. Let’s hope she has a speedy recovery. Deaths are doubling now in the UK
  5. Tony

    Hollywood and Beyond Dynasty Podcasts

    If you're in lockdown, these podcasts with various Dynasty (and Dallas) stars are fun to listen to: 2 Gordon Thomson interviews, Peter Mark Richman and an earlier Terri Garber one And Mark Withers who played Ted Dinard...
  6. Tony

    The Ed Ledding Mystery

    Now we all know there's a lot of speculation on this forum about why Ed Ledding, an associate producer on Dynasty's season 1 and producer on season 2, disappears at the end of the second season. Coinciding with what some see as a sharp dip in quality at the beginning of season 3. Listening to...
  7. Tony

    Peter Mark Richman on Dynasty

    You can read large chunks of Peter Mark Richman's autobiography aka Andrew Laird on Google Books...
  8. Tony

    Dynasty as they wannabe podcast

    I've been enjoying this new podcast by two guys, like a live version of this forum with some insightful and funny analysis - the first 17 episodes are online
  9. Tony

    Jon Erik Hexum as Dex?

    We've often discussed what would have been if Jon Erik Hexum was cast as Dex following his appearance with Joan Collins in The Making of a Male Model. But would he have worked opposite Catherine Oxenberg's Amanda? I found this clip of the pilot of Cover Up with scenes between Hexum and...
  10. Tony

    Rita Lakin Dynasty Season 7 writer speaks

    Interesting extract from Rita Lakin's memoirs 'The Only Woman in the Room' about her time writing on Dynasty. She was paired with Laurence Heath during the latter half of Season 7 after the retooling. I imagine the producers wanted a more woman's point of view for the mothers storyline. Before...
  11. Tony

    Natasha Taylor-Bryson rewatches Dynasty

    Just discovered these videos by Natasha who's writing a book on Dynasty! They're great - as good as James from London's re-watching threads.
  12. Tony

    Q&A with John James (JJ)

    The lovely John James who has now joined social media agreed to a Q&A over Facebook Messenger. His answers are one liners, but if you read between the lines its illuminating. I asked him 12 questions which I thought would be interesting: Q1. The first season of Dynasty was very good. Do you...