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  1. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Superman Who played Lois Lane the best?

    Teri Hatcher
  2. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Tea/coffee: With sugar or without?

    Tea without sugar
  3. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Faye Dunaway to write a book about "Mommie Dearest"!

    I take it they don't get along?
  4. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Terrific episode titles

    The Good Fight - Sex and The City
  5. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Nifty new features

    I don't know if we had this before but I love the show only unread posts feature.
  6. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Saved by the Bell

    I used to love watching Saved By The Bell
  7. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Optional Forums

    I think it looks good as it is, new and fresh., easier to navigate. Love the menus and options.
  8. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Welcome to your new forums.

    This looks brilliant. Well done all who made this happen.
  9. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Which series do you wanna re-watch?

    Knots Landing as I've only seen the first 5 seasons.
  10. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Joan, Christina, & Mommie Dearest

    I've no reason to believe that Christina isn't telling the truth, I do enjoy the film, though it's a while since I've seen it, I'm sure if Faye had won an Oscar for her role as Joan Crawford she'd be much more positive about the film. I now also want to watch Queen Bee.
  11. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Last TV show you watched?

    Dempsey and Makepeace
  12. Alexis Colby Carrington

    UK Series Gangs of London

    I got confused too. I had to keep winding it back and rewatching scenes until it made sense.
  13. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Chase Gioberti: worst character in falcon crest

    I loved Chase as character - alongside Jane Wyman, they were excellent, he was better than the other male characters in the show.
  14. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Last TV show you watched?

    Peak Practice - it's not the same without Jack and Beth.
  15. Alexis Colby Carrington

    UK Series Gangs of London

    Loved every episode but disappointed with the end, gory, brutal and violent but good.
  16. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Dallas Let JR And Sue Ellen's Marriage Go On Far Too Long

    Definitely Season 6, depending on the circumstances, I think everyone deserves a second chance, but that's it. It would have been good for JR to see Sue Ellen happy with someone else. Which is how it should have been with Dusty.
  17. Alexis Colby Carrington

    So how would YOU have saved Dallas?

    Your posts are always so insightful, I can actually see all of that happening and the more I think about it, the more Wendell fits the mould of perfect rival. A real fight for Ewing Oil in the last three seasons which, as you say, would put the Ewings on the backfoot and force JR and Bobby to...
  18. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Kylie - Step Back in Time

    It reminds of something she'd do for light years, it has the same kind of vibe, she did say there'd be another single out before the album, I just hope it's not another Kiss Me Once, she's got a lot to live up to as I believe Golden was full of strong songs, but hey, it's Kylie, it'll be fabulous.
  19. Alexis Colby Carrington

    So how would YOU have saved Dallas?

    I do get where you're coming from with making the show believable, who would you say could match JR toe to toe? Jeremy Wendell? I also understand that when JR isn't in a scene, he's being talked about, like no other character, I also think this is the only prime time show in which this...