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  1. Daniel Avery

    Who is AndyB?

    Okay, you dragged it out of me.
  2. Daniel Avery

    Optional Forums and Add Ons - Your Thoughts?

    Over time, we have diversified into other areas of television discussion. We will likely never stray too far from our roots, but it does help draw in new members to offer the opportunities to discuss other television shows.
  3. Daniel Avery

    Days of Our Lives Victoria Konefal leaving

    Corday keeps downplaying the exits, saying "Nobody ever stays dead on Days," which--yeah, I see his point, but I think he is over-estimating how willing these actors might be to come back sometime down the line.
  4. Daniel Avery

    General Hospital Watching General Hospital

    I know...but when I take a liking to a character, I hang on well past the point of logic (see: Dr. Obrecht; Sabrina; Madeline Reeves, etc.) But would it not be a spectacular, triumphant return for The Dominator to foil Nelle's latest mustache-twirling plot?
  5. Daniel Avery

    Who is AndyB?

    @Barbara Fan hired him to paint a thirty-foot high mural of Miss Ellie in the atrium at the TellyTalk Corporate HQ, and since we were kind of short on cash, we had to give him a 'title' rather than salary increase. He did a really great job, too--the glint of the metal on the shotgun is so...
  6. Daniel Avery

    General Hospital Watching General Hospital

    Where's Alice when you need her? She would have snapped Nelle's bony, little neck if she went anywhere near a Q heir.
  7. Daniel Avery

    Golden Girls: Who's Your Favorite?

    They retooled the concept and made the spinoff successful. Of course in order to accomplish this, they had to jettison every single character and all but one actor (he got a new character to play). Heck, other than him (David Leisure) and the kitchen set, there was nothing left after Susan H...
  8. Daniel Avery

    The Monkees: The Show, The Group, and So Forth

    Davy Jones actually lived close to me at the time he died (early 2012). He had bought a horse farm in the western part of the county to raise and train race horses, polo ponies, etc. Obviously he had gotten out of the "celebrity" rat-race even as he continued to rub elbows with the rich...
  9. Daniel Avery


    Oh, yeah....something a doppelganger would say. "Well yes, @Ome...I forgot my password...will you let me into Thom---I mean my account, please?"
  10. Daniel Avery

    Favorite Scented Candles

    I recall being invited to the Birthday party a work colleague was throwing for his husband. I knew nothing about what the husband liked but knew I had to bring something, so I bought a set of pillar candles. The day before the party I heard my friend comment about how his husband was "not one...
  11. Daniel Avery

    General Hospital Watching General Hospital

    Saw today's episode (Thursday) and while I am glad the 'social distanced staging' of scenes isn't so noticeable, everything feels so rushed. A lot of major shifts of power occurred in the past two episodes (Michael getting custody of Wiley; ELQ being so unrealistically-and quickly-taken-over by...
  12. Daniel Avery

    What OG storylines are left now?

    It would be very easy to bring in their version of an adult Amanda by writing a pre-marital relationship for either Alexis or Blake, but I just don't see them having room for her. Until they pare down the cast somewhat (and have some gaps in the family dynamic), she is simply not needed. I...
  13. Daniel Avery

    Mack - a good character?

    When he was added, there was likely a feeling among the writers that they needed a brash, loud character-type to bring out the parts of Karen that Sid did not. We saw flashes of "crusading Karen" during the early seasons, but Sid seemed to be a calming presence (not only for Karen, but for...
  14. Daniel Avery

    Golden Girls: Who's Your Favorite?

    Maybe she thought that if he had a wife, he'd leave her and the others alone? In another continuity gaffe, they made an episode around his marrying that Katherine woman, but I don't recall if they ever said what broke them up, or even addressed the fact that they HAD to have broken up since he...
  15. Daniel Avery

    Terrific episode titles

    From Married with Children: "You Better Watch Out"--A parachuting 'Santa' crashes into the Bundys backyard "Peggy Turns 300"--Peggy scores a perfect game while bowling on her birthday
  16. Daniel Avery

    Which series do you wanna re-watch?

    Knots Landing, certainly. Soap, though only if it is the original cuts and not the chopped-to-pieces version that shows up in syndication Falcon Crest--I might even be willing to rewatch season 9 but I'm not making any promises Hart to Hart Old-school Doctor Who (everything available in the...
  17. Daniel Avery

    Changes to your forums

    I could not agree more. Tech-savvy @Pamela_E was riding to our rescue on the 5th and encountered...issues. Rumor has it that was @Ome at the wheel of the red car, but I'm not one to spread rumors.
  18. Daniel Avery

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Latecomers

    1. Mary (AKA Loretta) Robeson, Knots Landing. I've always been a fan of Maree Cheatham, even when she plays a sleazeball. 2. Alex Barth, KL 3. John Zorelli, Dynasty (that hair!) 4. James Beaumont, Dallas 5. Vanessa Hunt, KL (in a "so bad, it's good" kind of way) Technically, every Colbys...
  19. Daniel Avery

    Changes to your forums

    I'm 99% sure it will just re-direct us for a while, but I plan to set up a new bookmark once the switchover has finalized in case the old server company decides to be a jerk and redirects us to some obscure, freaky fetish site.
  20. Daniel Avery

    Changes to your forums

    I got your statues moved, Sarah. It was quite easy once I cut them into quarters. Leaving them out in the moving van in 95-degree heat might not have been the best solution, but good news: their milk-chocolate centers leaked all over the Mandy Winger portrait. I think it was a sign from God...