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  1. Alexis

    Meeting the Colbys at home

    Correction - Who's husband is Frankie doing?
  2. Alexis

    "Some obligations can't be passed on": Watching A Place To Call Home

    First time on the new forums. So just catching up. I have to say I absolutely hated the modern day scenes too. They seemed to take me out of the story and it just didn't feel right for me.
  3. Alexis

    Things wrong with Season 9

    Basically she did it all because she was a spiteful selfish vindictive bitch. It doesn't need justification or excuses. She did terrible things because she was a bitch in a soap opera. Why do you have a hard time believing it? Sable seemed to know what she was talking about. It happened, just...
  4. Alexis

    Things wrong with Season 9

    Paulsen does what the Pollocks do and gets flack? Jeff and Monica didn't even really do anything it doesn't seem like either intended for any kind of relationship between them. Neither of them shows any sign of being in love or actually attracted to the other one. On the other hand even when...
  5. Alexis

    Things wrong with Season 9

    I mean I actually really like season 6 as a whole, parts A and B. It's indeed great soap but it's also trash. It's great soapy trash. The trial is ludicrous as are most of the chain of events around it. Season 9 is much more centred and has much better writing and dialogue for the most part...
  6. Alexis

    Things wrong with Season 9

    Well you answered that question yourself. It happened sometime in the year between the end of The Colbys and season 9 of Dynasty. The Dynasty writers could toy however they wanted as The Colbys was not coming back. Paulsen saw that Sable was a fabulous bitch and needed a reason to have her be a...
  7. Alexis

    Top 25 favourite Old Hollywood actors/actresses

    1. Bette Davis 2. Joan Crawford 3. Barbara Stanwyck 4. Gene Tierney 5. Lana Turner 6. Elizabeth Taylor 7. Katherine Hepburn 8. Audrey Hepburn 9. Olivia deHavilland 10. Greta Garbo 11. Ingrid Bergman 12. Marlene Dietrich 13. Viviene Leigh 14. Clark Gable 15. Gary Cooper 16. Cary Grant 17. Rock...
  8. Alexis

    Hollywood (miniseries)

    I couldn't help think when watching it that some young people or people who just weren't very bright would see it, see that there were real people in it and believe that the events of the show were true.
  9. Alexis

    Who were the hottest couple in Dynasty Town?

    I just got this and I am deceased!
  10. Alexis

    Who were the hottest couple in Dynasty Town?

    Her boots.
  11. Alexis

    Kylie - Step Back in Time

    The structure of the song is different to the normal verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus structure that is most common in pop music. In a way it's similar to a Xenomania produced song. They produced most of Girls Aloud's songs and those songs almost always had an unusual structure. The...
  12. Alexis

    Was The Colbys a flop?

    Queen of scene stealing! Even when not in the scene.
  13. Alexis

    Dynasty II: The Colbys

    It may be the very reason I love it so much.
  14. Alexis

    Dynasty II: The Colbys

    I always thought it was Douglas Sirk's DYNASTY.
  15. Alexis

    Rashid Ahmed is Dead

    Or the Devil Bus.
  16. Alexis

    Olivia de Havilland Has Died

    Rip... I have to say I was a fan. I loved Olivia an always enjoyed her, even as goodie goodie Melanie Wilkes.
  17. Alexis

    Wearing Face Coverings In Shops

    Etsy is the place for fancy couture facemasks.
  18. Alexis

    Wearing Face Coverings In Shops

    Sunset Beach has been my lifeline....
  19. Alexis

    Alexis Enters SUNSET BEACH

    Hold up! There's another earthquake! I forgot there was another one! This is so good!
  20. Alexis

    Alexis Enters SUNSET BEACH

    This earthquake stuff is brilliant! I remember I has taped all these episodes back in the day and watched them over. I love that even though the big quake has happened there are still some big set pieces that add drama. After the earthquake a guy shows up at the building site, and helps Gregory...