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    Terrific episode titles

    The Postmodern Prometheus-The X-Files Gender Bender-The X-Files Hamsterdam- The Wire Legacy of Hate -Dallas Alexis in Blunderland-Dynasty Tankers, Cadavers to Chance-Dynasty Chameleon Charades-Falcon Crest Ebbtide's Revenge- The Golden Girls
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: Fascination Street- The Cure
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    Re-watching the Ewingverse ... alphabetically!

    Awesome, as usual, @James from London! You list Laura as connected "romantically or sexually" to Ciji. I always saw their relationship as a friendship and the lesbian undertones just projected on them by Richard. Do you see a romantic aspect to their relationship?
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    Top 25 favourite Old Hollywood actors/actresses

    My list: 1. James Cagney 2.Gary Cooper 3. John Garfield 4. Humphrey Bogart 5. Cary Grant 6. Bring Crosby 7. W.C. Fields 8. Clark Gable 9. Edmund Gwen 10. James Stewart 11. Joan Crawford 12. Lauren Bacall 13. Loretta Young 14. Bette Davis 15. Maureen O'Hara 16. Mae West 17. Ingrid Bergman 18...
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Male and Female Characters - The Result

    Men: 1. Gary Ewing- The most complex of the Ewing brothers, Ted Shackleford played him as not a weak man, but as a man who struggled with, and eventually triumphed, over, weaknesses. TS gave several emmy worthy performances and more than a few plots would have seemed empty without him. Knots...
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: On the Sunny Side of the Street- Louis Armstrong
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    Movie Top Ten Joan Crawford

    1. Mildred Pierce. 2. A Woman's Face 3.Possessed(1947) 4.Humoresque 5.The Damned Don't Cry 6. Sudden Fear 7 The Women 8.Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 9. Flamingo Road 10. Straitjacket
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: On and On- Stephen Bishop
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    JR Ewing: Too Offensive For 2020? Part I

    This is an excellent and thought provoking thread started by @Kenny Coyote! It touches not just on Dallas but also social trends, freedom of speech, and ultimately the freedom to think critically. The problem with any kind of censorship is that it is always a slippery slope. Once it's okay to...
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    Faye Dunaway to write a book about "Mommie Dearest"!

    Fun anecdote: I know someone who worked in a post office that Ms. Dunaway used frequently. Because of her difficult manner, none of the employees wanted to deal with her. The person I know is the only one who would. It got so that Dunaway would request this person, and only want to deal with...
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    Powerful Statements From Dallas

    JR to Kristin: "It takes brains to know when to be scared, and since brains are in short supply around here, I'll help you. Now's the time to be scared." I don't know of that's the exact line, but it's powerful. It comes to mind lately every time I read current events. Seriously.
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    What was the last book you read?

    Til We Have Faces-C.S. Lewis
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    Priscilla Pointer

    Well, Colleen Camp was in The Seduction which starred Morgan Fairchild, one if the Jennas, so there is that connection.:)
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    Priscilla Pointer

    Oh, ok. I get them mixed up.
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    Priscilla Pointer

    Talia Shire was on Dallas?
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    Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford

    Davis also somewhat defended Joan when Christina wrote her tell-all. She said it was terrible to write such a thing after someone was dead and couldn't defend themselves. There was also another interesting comment about her dim view of Cary Grant, compared to male stars with whom she had...
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    Sean Rowan as the real Adam ?

    At the very least make it a scheme on behalf of his (shock, gasp!) overbearing mother, played by a fabulous horror hag, of course. Kinda like the Rossinis on Falcon Crest. Alternatively, could he not have been Cecil Colby's son? (Alexis had promised to destroy Blake and she failed). Now...
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: Next Time I Fall in Love- Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
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    The little things characters did that annoy you

    Yes, she did. It carried into the first few episodes of season 2 and then she seemed to pull back a bit. However, it wasn't quite as irritating as it was with Adam. He came off as if he was auditioning for Shakespeare in the Park.