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  1. DallasFanForever

    Keep a Word...Delete a Word

    Shin Guard
  2. DallasFanForever

    Underwater Creatures and Plants A to Z

    X- X-ray Tetra
  3. DallasFanForever

    A-Z of Nature

    C- Crows
  4. DallasFanForever

    A-Z of Singers, Groups/Bands

    B- Bon Jovi
  5. DallasFanForever

    Least Favourite

    I’m not sure cause I never really followed them to be honest Least favorite kind of cookie?
  6. DallasFanForever

    Morgan Brittany:: "Dynasty" copied "Dallas"' clothing??

    Katherine was absolutely stunning to me! Looking into those eyes was like looking into the ocean. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her eyes then and I still can’t when I do a rewatch now.
  7. DallasFanForever

    Marlon Brando: Appreciating "Mr. Mumbles"

    I totally understand what ur saying. I’m obviously a huge fan of The Godfather movies but I know a lot of people that it’s just not their cup of tea. I’ve even heard of people that love “mob movies” and STILL don’t like The Godfather. I notice it usually takes a back seat to the others like...
  8. DallasFanForever

    The battle of the Fallons

    Sela Ward would’ve been good. I can definitely see that but I guess I’m one of the few that was happy the way it worked out with Emma.
  9. DallasFanForever

    Forgotten Faces of Hollywood's Golden Era

    Such a sad story. She was definitely one of those actresses that you feel there could’ve been a lot more. Poor girl just couldn’t beat her demons.
  10. DallasFanForever

    Morgan Brittany:: "Dynasty" copied "Dallas"' clothing??

    I like how she says in the interview that LH forgot his lines because he couldn’t stop looking at what he called her “Wolf Eyes.” LOL
  11. DallasFanForever

    The Person above me is?

    I had a feeling the person above me would love that avatar!!
  12. DallasFanForever

    The Three Things Thread

    1. Spend more time with my family 2. Go to the movies again 3. Travel to another state Three of your favorite TV characters ever?
  13. DallasFanForever

    Least Favourite

    Love them all LOL!!! Least favorite season of the year?
  14. DallasFanForever

    A-Z of Singers, Groups/Bands

    Z- ZZ Topp
  15. DallasFanForever

    Places around the World A to Z

    N- Nicaragua
  16. DallasFanForever

    Do you like or dislike this food?

    Absolutely! Any chocolate is okay with me. Do you like cauliflower?
  17. DallasFanForever

    Things you DO like A to Z

    B- Bowling
  18. DallasFanForever

    The person below me...

    True The person below me has been to the mall today?
  19. DallasFanForever

    Keep a Word...Delete a Word

    Hair Gel
  20. DallasFanForever

    The Corona Virus

    My dad has been quite the opposite, but I guess that’s understandable considering he’s diabetic and has pretty much been stuck at home for over a year. I hear he was most unbearable to live with right up until he received his first vaccine dose. Now he’s much more pleasant.