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  1. Angela Channing

    Happy 43rd Birthday Dallas

    If I had to choose my top 5 Dallas scenes they would be: Bobby dies surrounded by his family Bobby brings baby Christopher to Southfork to confront JR but Pam intercepts him thinking the baby is for her Gerald Kane tell Pam and JR paid him to give her false hope that Mark Graison was alive...
  2. Angela Channing

    Prince Philip has died

    Today UK government have allocated members of Parliament seven and a half hours for giving tributes to Prince Philip. This is longer than the time they gave MPs to scrutinise the final Brexit deal. In the House of Lords, peers will be paid a £162 attendance allowance if they make a remote...
  3. Angela Channing

    UK Series Line Of Duty

    Am I the only person to rewind the ending of tonight's episode to work out whose photo was on the DNA report only to be disappointed that it was Jo Davidson's and not the person she is related to?
  4. Angela Channing

    What was the last film you watched?

    This was the main reason why I was keen to see the remake. It's a play that is constantly being revived in London's West End, most recently Jennifer Saunders was playing Madame Arcati because lockdown stopped that production and just a few years ago Angela Lansbury made a triumphant West End...
  5. Angela Channing

    UK Series Line Of Duty

    I'm still not understanding all the details of the plot but who cares, I'm just happy that tonight Ted finally said his classic line:
  6. Angela Channing

    The Six Things Thread

    4. Marlon Brando
  7. Angela Channing

    Arsenal Last 3 Managers Compared

    Today was Mikel Arteta's 51st Premier League game in charge of Arsenal which means that he matches the total of Unai Emery before he was sacked. It's interesting to compare their records: Emery - P51 W25 D13 L13 - Points = 88 Arteta - P50 W21 D12 L17 Points = 75 Comparing that with Arsene...
  8. Angela Channing

    What was the last film you watched?

    Blithe Spirit (2020) I hadn't seen the play or the original film adaptation so I knew very little about the story and was looking forward too seeing this however, I shouldn't have bothered. Very disappointing film. I didn't laugh once even though it was meant to be a comedy. I'm going to...
  9. Angela Channing

    Countdown Every UK Number 1 single by Scottish acts

    I agree that her delivery of the song isn't great as it doesn't really capture the essence of what the song is all about but there must have been a reason why a religious song would top the charts for many weeks in 1979 when it's hard to imagine it would do so in any other era in my lifetime...
  10. Angela Channing

    Countdown Every UK Number 1 single by Scottish acts

    I disagree with this review. I think the song was a reflection of the time in which it was successful. Although songs with a religious theme rarely do well in the UK charts, this one came a few months after Thatcher came to power and was devastation she was inflicting on the country was starting...
  11. Angela Channing

    What if Deborah Shelton and Jennilee Harrison would have refused to come back

    I think they would have killed Jamie off screen because they wanted to continue the storyline of Cliff inheriting her share of wing Oil. Writing Mandy out would have required a bit more creativity but the old soap opera classic of a hitherto unmentioned mother become sick and Mandy tells JR in a...
  12. Angela Channing

    Prince Philip has died

    And Cameron caused more mayhem, destruction and disaster for more people than did the mini tornado.
  13. Angela Channing

    TT Top Characters Telly Talk's Favourite TV Characters of the 1970s - The Vote

    JR Ewing - Dallas Mr Benn - Mr Benn Shughie McFee - Crossroads Charles Kingsfield - The Paper Chase Kunta Kinte - Roots Arthur Fonzarelli - Happy Days Harriet Oleson - Little House On The Prairie David Banner/The Hulk - The Incredible Hulk Reginald Perrin - The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin...
  14. Angela Channing

    TT Top Characters Telly Talk's Favourite TV Characters of the 1960s - The Result

    One of my favourite shows of all time. Great choice Telly Talkers.
  15. Angela Channing

    Five Letters One Sentence

    Kids Enjoy New York's Atmosphere E N J O Y
  16. Angela Channing

    Mods vs Members - You reached 330

  17. Angela Channing

    The Six Things Thread

    2. Sir Anthony Hopkins
  18. Angela Channing

    Prince Philip has died

    BBC and ITV viewing figures plummeted yesterday because of the wall-to-wall royal coverage. The earliest available overnight ratings provided by Barb saw ITV’s Friday night (9 April) audience decline by 60 percent in comparison to one week previously. BBC One suffered a similar loss. The highest...
  19. Angela Channing

    The Circle Season 3

    So a catfish won The Circle season 3: Natalya was victorious winning a £100,000 prize after catfishing as army boy Felix.
  20. Angela Channing

    Nikki Grahame sadly leaves us at just 38

    Really sad to hear about Nikki Grahame death, anorexia is a nasty illness. I used to see her in Lidl not far from my home. She was always loud and appeared helpless expecting everyone to attend to her. "I can't find the pasta" she would shout out until one of the shop staff would give her...