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  1. Ked

    Amanda: One Daughter Too Many

    My money's on "better."
  2. Ked

    Who were the hottest couple in Dynasty Town?

    I heard some speculation that since Tony and Fallon were on a first name basis with each other, they probably had slept togethe.
  3. Ked

    Things wrong with Season 9

    Sable stated that happened when she and Alexis were close (which is believable; lots of characters described Alexis as being nicer when she was younger; and in S6, ding their phone call, Sable seemed fond of Alexis). She even called herself "stupid enough to confide in her." Plus, considering...
  4. Ked

    Amanda: One Daughter Too Many

    Alexis: "I had to keep her from you! You would have taken her from me! I did what I had to!" (all while doing that little head shake)
  5. Ked

    Peyton Place Peyton Place - some sort of general thoughts thread

    Curious, @tommie what are your thoughts so far? Like which characters do you like the best, the least, which storylines did you like, dislike, etc?
  6. Ked

    Alexis' Drinking In Season 9

    What if BOTH of them started boozing that season? :lol: It probably would have been WAY more entertaining than what we got!
  7. Ked

    Does anybody know where this picture is from?

    As someone who just can't stand Claire Yarlett's acting, I honestly find myself not all that against replacing her with Karen. :lol:
  8. Ked

    The Seven Grant Sisters

    And where does Krystle fit into all this? I mean, is she the overlooked middle child?
  9. Ked

    Alexis has a smartphone??

  10. Ked

    How I would combine two of the best ideas around here

    Yes I did. I started Season 2 but I just got so bored I couldn't go on.
  11. Ked

    questions to Karen

    Btw, @colbyco, when can we expect answers from Karen?
  12. Ked

    questions to Karen

  13. Ked

    Why didn't Dynasty do anything with Dominique?

    Actually, I noticed that Blake's red short is a lot shorter than the gray one that Dominique sits in. And for the scene between her and Alexis, the latter is not supposed to realize that it's Dominique in the chair, not Blake. In order for that to work, they needed a higher chair to "hide"...
  14. Ked

    Why didn't Dynasty do anything with Dominique?

    Always? Hah, maybe. :lol:
  15. Ked

    questions to Karen

    Agreed. Karen was very pretty and sweet, but she wouldn't have been realistically paired with Maxwell Caulfield. Kim, on the other hand, complimented him both in looks and demeanor much better.
  16. Ked

    How I would combine two of the best ideas around here

    I don't know who that is. :lol:
  17. Ked

    Ranking all Dynasty seasons

    I still love that moment. Everybody gives Alexis credit for "fighting with her tongue", forgetting that Krystle was capable of a few zingers herself.
  18. Ked

    Top Ten Character Introductions

    Oh cool! You're welcome. I didn't know it was yours', actually. :) And thanks!
  19. Ked

    How I would combine two of the best ideas around here

    @ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989 Heh, you're welcome.