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    Things wrong with Season 9

    Paulsen would have produced Season 10 -- he was on board to do so.... One can just imagine if he'd been there for the 1991 Reunion, but Esther wanted her camping buddies back. The script was so crap, Linda and John had to have their arms twisted to do it.
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    "Hag Horrors"

    Castle supposedly wanted it to be his masterpiece -- the star of BABY JANE and the wrier of PSYCHO (the book, unfortunately, not the movie) and yet he turns in the tackiest, laziest film he'd ever done -- and that's no small feat, given how meager the talents of William Castle were. So many...
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    Things wrong with Season 9

    Hell, yes, we wanted a Season 10. The show had been suck-ass for years, suddenly improved markedly in Season 9, despite Linda leaving and Joan doing fewer, and the show had several plotlines hanging literally in the air. So, yes, we needed and wanted a Season 10. Despite the occasional dirty...
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    Biden Picks His VP -- Kamala The Cop!

    Her records is horrendous. But enjoy your skin color fixations.
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    The Brady-Partridge War

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    Would you "date" Kanye West?

    Ummmm.... were you posting while on Sangria??
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    Forgotten Faces of Hollywood's Golden Era

    Scorsese considers her the true queen of film noir.
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    Favorite Scented Candles

    Does anyone have that one from Gwyneth Paltrow?
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    The Brady-Partridge War

    At least Bulifant got THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, which was much better. But the role was considerably smaller and only recurrent.
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    The Brady-Partridge War

    Yep, Friday nights on ABC in the early'70s were BEWITCHED, BRADY BUNCH, PATRIDGE FAMILY, ODD COUPLE, LOVE AMERICAN STYLE --- oh, and also NANNY AND THE PROFESSOR and ROOM 222, depending on the year. BTW: Shirley Jones was offered the role of Carol Brady but turned it down.
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    baby elephant videos

    The Dark Side of Elephants Elephant Rage
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    baby elephant videos

    Every year, a herd of elephants returns to this hotel lobby to eat mangos: Even in the wild, you've got to visit the gift shop...
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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    Any recommendations? And is it a bad ideas?
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    Sex and coronavirus: How to have it safely

    Priscilla was right...
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    The Brady-Partridge War

    And both shows originally aired back-to-back.
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    The Monkees: The Show, The Group, and So Forth

    I have the series on DVD. In syndication, they used the S2 theme design for both seasons because it works better. It's a fun series, and amazing how a made up band quickly became a real one who wound up hanging out with The Beatles, I remember watching the show in Saturday morning reruns for...
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    Would you "date" Kanye West?

    Your vote is anonymous, to obscure you shame.
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    'The Single-Handed Destruction of "Falcon Crest" by Kristian Alfonso's Pilar Ortega'

    No, oddly enough, they had to pay Ana-Alicia for every episode thru the end of S8 whether she appeared or not -- that was in her contract.
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    "Hag Horrors"

    Some things would be fun to fix, and with today's technology, perhaps we could --- except that I have zero competence with anything technical. I mean, it's like jaw-dropping what I'm unable to do.. Anyway, STRAIT-JACKET is one of those movies I want desperately to fix. Great concept, great...