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    Members Chosen Word 20 Songs That Word All or Nothing - The Vote / Result

    As always, congrats winners & song!
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    Do you agree with Covid passports?

    So you have faith in PostNord? ;) I prefer only getting fun things in my regular mail. No bills, no authority papers, no adverts.
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    Do you agree with Covid passports?

    Do you have Kivra? Takes like 10 seconds to get the passport.
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    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    No one can ever erase the fact that she was elected Sweden's first female PM. Now, just re-elect her on Monday!!!!!! Sweden's party leaders (of the 8 parties in the parliament) are mostly women. Left, SocDem, Centre, Liberals and ChristDem all have female leaders. The Greens always have 2...
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    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    The Speaker of the Parliament just had a press conference and said that he will nominate Magdalena Andersson again for a vote in the parliament on Monday. All parties that votet yes or laid down their votes (an indirect yes) yesterday have stated that they will vote the same this time. So unless...
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    Favourite Movie Franchises

    The franchises I like (and can currently remember) are: Pink Panther (Peter Sellers) Pirates of the Caribbean National Lampoon's Vacation Naked Gun Bond Harry Potter Lord of the Ring/Hobbit Star Wars Die Hard Mission Impossible Millennium Ocean's 11 Despicable Me Ice Age Madagascar Men in...
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    TT Top Couples Sexual Chemistry - The Vote

    1. Kelso & Jackie - That 70s Show 2. Philip & Chloe - Days Of Our Lives 3. David & Leyla - Emmerdale 4. Don & Betty - Mad Men 5. Carrie & Yevgeny - Homeland 6. Eve & Villanelle - Killing Eve 7. Derek & Addison - Greys Anatomy 8. Eddie & Shauni - Baywatch 9. Quinn & Bill - The Bold and the...
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    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    Tonight, The Centre Party said they are willing to put down their votes again = voting yellow instead of red or green. Voting yellow is like voting "I don't support it, but I'll let it happen". So the most logical solution is to have another vote where Magdalena Andersson is tried for PM. And...
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    Restroom signs

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    Do you agree with Covid passports?

    Sweden is implementing Covid passports starting December 1st for gatherings with 100 people or more. Concerts, sporting events and restaurants with capacity for 100+ people are affected. I've got my passport ready. I don't foresee much objection to this in Sweden. Most political parties, if not...
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    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    7 hours. It lasted a whole 7 hours. Magdalena Andersson was forced to resign. The Greens refuse to be part of the government when they have to work with the budget set by the right-wing block. That means that a new government has to be chosen. It's possible that Magdalena Andersson will be...
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    General Hospital GH Dirty Deeds: JLJ 's Reaction to Steve Burton's Firing

    First Ingo Rademacher and now Steve Burton. GH sure means business with their vaccine mandate! No one's sacred.
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    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    Today, Sweden finally got it's first female Prime Minister. Magdalena Andersson of the social democrats did it, she broke that awfully thick glass ceiling. Just too bad that the parliament also voted for the right-wing budget that she now has to follow.
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    Random things you hate

    Stomach flu. Have an epic one today. 16 hours later, and it's still not over.
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    New Christmas songs for 2021

    2 of my favourite groups released Christmas albums this month. Weeping Willows' 3rd Christmas record and Bo Kaspers Orkester's 1st.
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    Are you a theatre-goer?

    When I said amateur, I mean those who aren't even trying to get a big break. I mean those who are doing it just for fun, as a hobby. Those local hobby theatre groups with no real talent for acting, directing, writing, sound-setting or lightning. Those productions that anyone can join.
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    20 jokes only intellectuals will understand

    My favourites are #2, #3, #7, #8 and #10. There are two types of people in the world. Those who can extrapolate from from incomplete data.
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    Are you a theatre-goer?

    I like them if they have good quality. Amateur theatre is painful. I've seen 2 really good shows. The first one was Richard III by Riksteatern (the national theatre) starring Rickard Wolff. It was amazing. The second really good one I've seen was ART. The Swedish version of the international...
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    Members Chosen Word 20 Songs That Word All or Nothing - The Vote / Result

    When I scaled the songs down to 17, I decided to only include songs I had never heard before in my Top 10. So here it goes: 1. All I Wanted – Austra --- Lashy 2. All That - Sparks --- Willz 3. All Your Heroes - Bleachers --- Richy 4. Let’s Go All the Way – Sly Fox --- Omie 5. Nothing Here –...
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    Movie Top Ten Henry Fonda

    I have to give 10 points to Grapes of Wrath. The book was much too long and slow so the movie was my savior. Plus, how hot is Fonda on this cover?! 1. Grapes of Wrath 2. 12 Angry Men 3. War and Peace