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  1. Rove

    Dallas Actors From Victoria Principal

    It just dawned on me Patrick is the only one not smiling in that image.
  2. Rove

    Who Was The Dumbest Character On Dallas?

    Well you never know with @Willie Oleson and his hand grenade two worded comments. I took it as Post Dream season and calling us out for being 'dumb.' I look back and think my God how stupid was I continuing to watch the dribble that Dallas became. But I stuck it out because I was emotionally...
  3. Rove

    The Young and the Restless Watching The Young and the Restless

    Did Heather Tom originate the role? If so this explains why many wish to see her back - even after all these years. This is the problem I now have with daytime soaps and could explain why they are in decline viewer wise. A character has been recast so many times the viewer loses that emotional...
  4. Rove

    The Young and the Restless Watching The Young and the Restless

    Yes! A casting call out for an 18 year old to apply has appeared in papers. I say this with a sneer of evilness. Isn't this what Y&R do? Baby one minute, problem teenager after a commercial break the next?
  5. Rove

    Who Was The Dumbest Character On Dallas?

    Willie are you suggesting post dream season? I would wholeheartedly agree with you.
  6. Rove

    Who Was The Dumbest Character On Dallas?

    Was she? I could argue she was one smart cookie to use her looks to bed JR. That's not dumb but shrewd...and JR was dumb enough to fall for it.
  7. Rove

    Random things you hate

    A work colleague causing nothing but grief for customers and team members but thinks she is doing nothing wrong. Again today a customer approached me thinking I was the Store Manager and wished to put in a complaint about the aforementioned team member. I informed the elderly lady I would call...
  8. Rove

    I'm thinking about joining facebook

    In tech terms yes. It's not the smartphone as such but what version of Android or iOS you're running. Creators of Apps just give up on older operating systems very quickly nowadays.
  9. Rove

    I'm thinking about joining facebook

    Wouldn't sign up to that cesspit if my life depended on it. In its early years it was a great platform but now its a vehicle for advertisement bombardment. If your going to sign up Willie may I suggest you lie in your profile. Do NOT offer your real birth date. Perhaps stick with the right year...
  10. Rove


    I do miss that era. The beauty of watching Dallas was allowing us to sink ourselves into the Ewing Universe whereas many series like Succession have to be rapid fire storytelling because...well...viewers today apparently don't have the patience.
  11. Rove

    What was the last film you watched?

    In its pursuit of creating something unique this movie just ended up a dud.
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    Just as well. I haven't seen Succession but I've heard good things about it. The problem with many of these watchable series is they end up on another streaming service witch I'm reluctant to pay for. At the moment I subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+. I'll be dropping Amazon Prime...
  13. Rove

    Dallas Calendar The 2021 Dallas Calendar ........... Take A Look!

    He was a terrific actor and so was Omri. Such a shame that Dallas finished in 1991. I would have liked to see how Christopher developed during his adolescent years especially learning the dark truth about his parents. Would have made for great drama watching Christopher slip off the rails.
  14. Rove

    I'm so embarrassed!

    I could say the same about these... I mean why stop at a couple when I can eat the whole pack. It 's why I have to avert my attention to the opposite side of the aisle when grocery shopping because I swear these things just reach out and grab me.
  15. Rove

    In Loving Memory - Larry Hagman...23/11/12

    The closest in recent memory anywhere the near the popularity to Dallas would be Games of Thrones. While not everyone's cup of tea there was this global reach. But I cannot think of a singular character which had such a global impact like JR Ewing. I'm so thankful I lived to witness it first hand.
  16. Rove

    In Loving Memory - Larry Hagman...23/11/12

    I just miss seeing The Man on the small screen Larry's portrayal of JR Ewing became bigger than Ben-Hur and you just don't see that anymore.
  17. Rove

    Glass ceiling broken!!!!!!!

    Oh my. Just as well no one in The White House went and knocked on Joe Biden's bedroom door and woke him from his midday nap to inform him Sweden has a new female Prime minister only to be woken from his afternoon nap to be told she has resigned.
  18. Rove

    Was this the best version of the theme?

    It looks to me the entire budget was spent just blowing up the damn in the opening credits because gee whiz just watching anything with James and that blonde sheila (woman) was dire....just dire.
  19. Rove

    Do you guys like Crossovers?

    I became aware via this site that the character of JR was frequenting Knots Landing in California. I felt like I was missing out on something as our region didn't air Knots. I'm curious to know if Knots heavily promoted "Special Guest Star" Larry Hagman in an upcoming episode to boost the ratings.
  20. Rove

    Are you a theatre-goer?

    I'd like to be but unfortunately when the big productions come to Australia they cement themselves in Sydney or Melbourne. There is a lot of expense to see productions like Hamilton because for some - living outside Sydney or Melbourne - there are travel arrangements and accommodation to consider.