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  1. Rove

    Bette Midler backtracks after being branded 'racist'.

    I was reading online where Bette Midler tweeted, 'Oh, God. She still can't speak English,' and 'Get that illegal alien off the stage!' She was referring of course to Melania Trump. Now Bette is making attempts to backtrack her comments after copping backlash from the public...and rightly so...
  2. Rove

    What is Coming?

    I see a countdown clock ticking away the seconds, minutes, hours and days. This is making me a little anxious. Is it the end of days? The end of soapchat? This is like history repeating itself awaiting the return season after JR Ewing was shot. I don't think my nerves can take it...pass the...
  3. Rove

    Between Two Worlds

    Hold your vegemite sandwiches...a new Aussie soap from the creator of A Place to Call Home is coming soon. This looks enticing.
  4. Rove

    Netflix 365 DNI (Days)

    I believe it's based on a series of books but this movie was horrid. With no clear direction in story-telling I was 1 hour into the movie and still trying to figure out what it all meant. I had the feeling it was trying to be some 50 Shades of Grey. I laughed out loud how well the sex scenes...
  5. Rove

    Lucy's Dog

    Does anyone know the name of Lucy's dog?
  6. Rove

    What's happening here?

    So today I began watching Season 5, episode 1, "Missing Heir". This is the opening season when Cliff discovers a body in the pool. Every time I've watched this episode I've always been puzzled what's going on when Donna returns home, in a taxi, and is welcomed by Ray. As Ray and Donna walk...
  7. Rove

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Well this was unexpected. I'm enjoying this new docu-series on Netflix. The people are bat-sh%t crazy but that's what makes it enjoyable.
  8. Rove


    With HBO Max launching this year has anyone heard if Dallas will be part of their library? I haven't been able to find anything online but have noted one of my favorite series The West Wing has already been penciled in. Dallas is now owned by Warner Bros so I'm curious to know if this classic...
  9. Rove


    A new series on Netflix I'm really enjoying...and I'm not a religious person. I like how the series - so far - is allowing the viewer to decide if this man is real or a con man.
  10. Rove


    I wish everyone here at Soapchat a very happy 2020. Just one question. I awoke this morning thinking I'd be living like.... ...instead I feel like we're heading towards...
  11. Rove

    Netflix The Crown - Season 3

    I was a little apprehensive about watching this season after the small hiccup of season 2 but this season was beyond was excellent. Olivia Colman deserves every award coming her way.
  12. Rove

    Even youtube Won't Recognize The Dream

    I thought this was mildly amusing. I wasn't aware youtube had most seasons of Dallas up on their website to purchase and view but the startling realization The Dream Season was absent is rather telling. And oddly enough it's the season I'd like to view the most. Clearly The Dream Season was...
  13. Rove

    A Very Brady (Ewing) Renovation

    Given "A Very Brady Renovation" is about to air in America it has sparked my interest in asking if others would like to see the current owners of Southfork ask the surviving Dallas stars to participate in something similar. If so would you prefer to see the interior dressed how it began (1978)...
  14. Rove

    Are Hugely Popular TV Series Cursed?

    During this last week I’ve had discussions with siblings, friends and work colleagues regarding the finale of Game of Thrones and how utterly disappointed each and everyone of them were with the ending. Now before I continue, I’ll admit I haven’t watched the final episode however I do know the...
  15. Rove

    "How Two-Faced Can You Get"

    An interesting title. Some have already suggested we could end up with Liz Gillies playing both Fallon and Alexis. Thoughts?
  16. Rove

    I'm Hot!

    So to all my Soapchat friends in the northern hemisphere enjoying hot chocolate in front of a fire spare a thought for those of us downunder. Since Christmas we've had repetitive days exceeding over 35°C (95°F). Just yesterday it nudged 39.2°C (102.56°F). That's everyday folks. And only today...
  17. Rove

    Aussie Kids Have Lost The Plot

    Thousands of school children skipped school to attend Climate Change protests in Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria). While I appreciate and defend their right to protest no way in hell should kids be encouraged to skip school to attend such events. I'm wondering if this event was...
  18. Rove

    Katherine MacGregor Dead at 93

    Katherine MacGregor best known to all as Harriet Oleson has passed away. My parents were firm favourites of Little House on the Prairie and with just one television in the household we also grew up watching this series. Harriet Oleson is one of those characters we're not meant to like, she was...
  19. Rove

    Nathalie Kelley Makes A Splash, Well Kind Of

    The race that stops a nation, The Melbourne Cup, was on today in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. And guess who showed up? Nathalie had the honor of cracking a bottle of Mumm. However, just as she was about to the heavens opened. What an absolute champion.
  20. Rove

    The Two Faces of Jesse Metcalfe

    So I recently stumbled upon a series on Netflix called Chesapeake Shores. To my surprise I'm really enjoying Jesse's acting in this. Granted the series is not on the same level of drama as Dallas so I'm beginning to believe the underlying issues with his portrayal of Christopher Ewing was both...