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    What if Krystle turned out to be Roger Grimes with a sex change?

    Revealed in the final episode?
  2. Snarky's Ghost

    What celebrity reminds you of yourself?

    Or is there one? No, I don't mean who you "like", but whom you recognize in yourself --- not necessarily physically but psychologically... Someone you feel hears the same silent "note" that you do, for example.
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    MAKING LOVE -- the gay soap opera from 1982

    We laughed at all the references to Rupert Brooke, and the testimonials in intimate close up --- but the main thing that stuck with me was Harry Hamlin's house.
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    1983 -- on location footage

    Thanks, garry!
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    Michael Moore warns that Trump is on course to yet again win the presidential election

    I've been saying this all year... Michael Moore warned that Trump's support among his base is 'off the charts', and he is on course to win the presidential election Filmmaker Michael Moore has warned that history may be repeating itself, and as in 2016 complacent progressives are ignoring the...
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    The Carringtons, the Ewings ... and the Kennedys

    I posted this on another thread the other day, and we had some recent discussion on the DALLAS page about it as well... But I thought it deserved its own thread here. Two things the two shows should have had in common was the Kennedy dynastic parallel --- DALLAS in structure, and DYNASTY in...
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    Melania Trump re-does the White House rose garden...

    And eliminates Jackie Kennedy's crab apple trees. Before and after: Opinions? The First Lady discusses it with Stephen Colbert at ~ 02:00 ...
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    Death Valley hits highest temperature in U.S. in at least 107 years

    Jeff Berardelli, CBS NEWS On Sunday, the thermometer at Death Valley's Furnace Creek, located in the deserts of Southern California, soared to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NOAA's Weather Prediction Center. If verified, it would be the hottest temperature recorded in the U.S. since 1913...
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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    Any recommendations? And is it a bad ideas?
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    Would you "date" Kanye West?

    Your vote is anonymous, to obscure you shame.
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    Real monkeys grieve over dead fake monkey

    Anybody buy this?
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    Miss Ellie's migraines

    We saw them in the mini-series, but should it have remained a thing when she was stressed? "Dammit, my head really hurts…!"
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    Architectural dreams

    I used to think the only soap I ever dreamed about was FALCON CREST and its foyer, which has gone on since the '80s, off and on. But I realized recently that I've sometimes dreamed over the years (I'm not sure when it started) about a large, ghostly butler's pantry or scullery -- much bigger...
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    Olivia de Havilland turns 104 Jul 1, 2020 6:30am PT Olivia de Havilland, the Last Remaining Star of Old Hollywood, Turns 104 Born: July 1, 1916 Best known for: “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “Gone With the Wind,” and two...
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    "The way you look in that outfit, you could conquer the world and give it an orgasm...!"

    After Fallon has her "Peter-dumped-me" injury outside La Mirage and then is rendered paraplegic psychiatrically, the nurse comes into her room just before Fallon is to be discharged and refers three times about Fallon's magnificent outfit, in a very 1984 way. It's so stupid. And then Fallon is...
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    Were right-wing writers the problem?

    Aaron Spelling and Esther Shapiro were two liberal jews (weren't they?) who, despite creative talent, ultimately were cynical business people who put together a promising project, well cast and initially well-written, designed to be lucrative. That project was DYNASTY. But they quickly turned...
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    Vera Lynn, 103, dies

    UK war-time 'icon' Vera Lynn dead at 103 AFP 29 mins ago Legendary British singer Vera Lynn, the so-called "forces sweetheart" who helped keep up morale during World War II, died Thursday aged 103, her family said. Lynn travelled thousands of miles to Egypt, India and Myanmar to entertain...
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    Is Season 9 the best year?

    Is there an argument to be made for this? I just finished a four day marathon viewing of Season 9, and I'm always struck by how fresh it is. But could it be the best season of DYNASTY? The pilot was holy; subsequently, Season 1 is intelligent and well-structured, but some people find the...
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    The contemporary term "Karen"

    Over the last few months at least, the derisive term "Karen" has come to be used to describe a middle-class, white, goody-two-shoes, self-righteous, usually politically correct, she'll-get-her-done, reactive, entitled woman. Feminists of course hate the term, and recently, as if to prove she...