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  1. tommie

    Great Soap Moments

    that even @Alexis can deny!!!!!
  2. tommie

    Watching Return To Eden

    I've just started watching the mini-series and this makes no sense at all. Get your face chomped off by a crocodile, get rescued by a hermit with magical "aborigine" herbs, get plastic surgery and then decide that as a 40 year old you'll appear in VOGUE. Because revenge reasons.
  3. tommie

    Is it "though tough" or "tough though"?

    Friendly wondering.
  4. tommie

    Joan Collins - Guiding Light promo

  5. tommie

    Was Frankie just a maladjusted adult version of Allison MacKenzie?

    Finally I think I get it. Go eat poop @Willie Oleson, because I've figured it all out. I am very smart.
  6. tommie

    Is this the scene that defines the writers giving up?

    The definition of [something something] catfight.
  7. tommie

    Why is the "lily pond catfight" better in nuDynasty than oldDynasty?

    It's just better. Argue.
  8. tommie

    I Miss Soap Promos

  9. tommie

    Should Frankie and Sable had a proper heart-to-heart talk?

    Some of my favourite scenes in soapland tends to be these sort of... talks. I just watched Betty / Allison talk it out properly and giving each other pep talk and it's AMAZING. Should season 3 have featured a talk between @Willie Oleson's favourite villain and everyone's favourite heroine?
  10. tommie

    Elaine is live
  11. tommie

    Yellowstone Yellowstone: Season 3

    So, after last years finale Tate is still suffering from being kidnapped and a mysterious stranger arrives as the fight for the land continues.
  12. tommie

    Liz Gillies' quarantine photoshoot of Dynasty cast members

    Interview here: Good to see Monica is still a part of the cast! Makes me hopeful that she'll be back in season 4.
  13. tommie

    Peyton Place Peyton Place - some sort of general thoughts thread

    So, I've finally settled for a nice daily schedule of watching Peyton Place and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. I've now reached the 24th episode with the thrilling ending of Leslie Harrington's will about to be read. Just some thoughts... - Betty is a wonderful multi-layered character - she's not...
  14. tommie

    Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

    I started watching this previously and actually reached the end of the first season (150-something), but since it's been so long I decided to just start from scratch. One thing that I noticed is that I remember having a lot of problem getting "into" the humour and it took me maybe twenty...
  15. tommie

    Should Alexis have a change-of-life baby named Amanda?

    Yes or no?
  16. tommie

    "A recipe from his grandmother... who tragically died in a fire"

    How do you think Blake's grandmother died? Was it murder? Poor Ruby - which I feel is a name that @Snarky's Ghost has thrown around. They might as well hire him as an consultant at this point.
  17. tommie

    Season 3 on Netflix

    Am I the only one re-watching this? LOL, I forgot how funny the season three premiere was.
  18. tommie

    TVLine to host a live chat with the cast 22/5 12PM EDT

    That's about ten hours from now, so I guess around 17:00 hours for Brits.