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  1. Payton Cross

    The Walking Dead The Walking Dead comic books

    Are there any fans of the Walking Dead who read the comic books?, I heard that they are something different than the TV series, I myself have just bought four The Walking dead comic books, they are in different editions but I prefer the hardcover books. I have not started reading because I want...
  2. Payton Cross

    Olivia Newton-John has turned 70 today

    Happy Birthday Olivia Newton-John I hope you have a great day with family and friends. I Honestly Love You :balloon:
  3. Payton Cross

    Tribute to Karen Carpenter: 35th anniversary, 4th february 1983

    Today it is exactly 35 years ago that pop singer Karen Carpenter died of a heart attack due to the consequences of years of struggle against anorexia nervosa, many people of today still miss her beautiful warm voice, just like me. I still can not believe that it has been so long ago. therefore...
  4. Payton Cross

    Place photos of your music collection here.

    Because we have a lot of music lovers here at Soapchat, it seemed like a good idea to share your own music collection with us. It can be CDs, LPs or even 7inc singles and CD singles. Take your time to post your photos, some have a large collection, and others have a small collection of music...
  5. Payton Cross

    Olivia Newton-John has breast cancer again.

    Olivia Newton-John Postpones U.S. & Canada Tour Due to Breast Cancer Battle Olivia Newton-John performs at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Jan. 24, 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. After initially postponing her Midwest tour dates at the beginning of the month, Olivia Newton-John has...