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  1. RottenSkipper17

    Who do you think will die in the season finale?

    Who do you think will die in the fire in the season finale?
  2. RottenSkipper17

    Who will Fallon choose in the season finale?

    Who do you think Fallon would really choose next week? I know that in the promo she tells Michael that she loves him but I feel that it still doesn't guarantee anything. Since we all know that Liam is coming back, if he isn't actually Adam, I have a feeling that he's showing up to reconcile or...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S1E22 Dead Scratch (The Season Finale)

    Okay... here's the season finale... this is going to get good.
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S1E21 Trashy Little Tramp

    So now we're down to only two episodes left! Okay so here's what's going to happen in this episode... So I guess this is probably why Fallon turns to Claudia for help. This is going to get interesting. And if Michael hates the Carringtons now, then why is he working for Blake again? Maybe...
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    Why does Cristal love Blake?

    That's something that's always baffled me. What exactly does Cristal see in Blake? Clearly she thinks the world of him and she wants him to see her as an equal, especially considering that she changed the conditions of her pre-nup just so he won't wield the issue of money over her head every...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E20 A Line From The Past

    Yeah, so I figured I'd make another discussion thread for this episode so that no one else will have to, and this will be my last one before I head off out of town for a two week vacation. Anyways, it's pretty ironic how there's this idea being thrown around about Alexis marrying Jeff instead...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E19 Use Or Be Used

    Yeah I know that there are some people speculating that Liam actually may be working with Alexis, but there's something in the synopsis for the next episode that makes it highly unlikely... I mean, if Liam & Alexis really were colluding together, the show would have dropped major hints...
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    What secondary characters would you like to see appear on NuDynasty?

    So since it appears that Dynasty's been renewed for a second season (at least if not more than that), I wonder if anyone has any ideas on what secondary supporting characters they would like to see appear on this show? If and when Adam does eventually show up, I'd like to see Kirby appear as...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E18 Don't Con A Con Artist

    So I figured I would create a new thread discussion for next week's episode... just in case... Anyways, here's a bit of a spoilery thing that I found online and I have my own theory as to what it could mean...
  10. RottenSkipper17

    What do you think might happen at the end of the season?

    Here are my thoughts of what might happen at the end of this season: -Liam is revealed to be a con artist and Fallon has her marriage to him quickly annulled. Or... an alternative option (very unlikely but let's debate on what might happen if Liam really is Adam) - Fallon finds out to her...
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    Are Michael and Fallon really over for good?

    I'm still reeling from this latest turn in the show. I wasn't really expecting Michael to simply walk away from Fallon. I don't really blame him, considering everything that's happened, but still it seemed pretty drastic and jarring from the last episode. Seriously, one minute they're all cuddly...
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    Does anyone have any idea why Alexis might have left for England?

    I know that the show really hasn't addressed it in its entirety yet but it keeps on dropping hints every now and then of Alexis. But the one question I have is why did Alexis abandon her family and run off to England in the first place? Does anybody have any possible theories or ideas on what...