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  1. Gabriel Maxwell

    Was Krystle a Meat & Potatoes Kinda Gal...?

    …a.k.a. Had Hilda Gunnerson's Cuisine Slipped Over the Years? Obviously, blame the deteriorating scripts. But, if you want to explain it away, whatever happened to those divine dishes of yore Alexis evoked upon her return to the Carrington kitchen? Ratatouille and rack of lamb and pink...
  2. Gabriel Maxwell

    A Love Remembered 2.0

    In a distant universe, long before Desperate Housewives and even Melrose Place, in October 1990 to be exact, a young Blake and Alexis Carrington 2.0 had already consummated their passions for one another. A universe (Lucky Chances) conceived by the late sister of the woman who played the...
  3. Gabriel Maxwell

    Episode Structure & Scene Length

    While watching last week's episode it occurred to me to pay attention to the episode structure in terms of the number of scenes and breaks and though I've always known the new series had more frequent breaks and a higher number of faster-paced scenes as opposed to the original series I was quite...
  4. Gabriel Maxwell

    The Twilight Zone [2019]

    The trailer for the new series has arrived. It premieres Monday, April 1 on the streaming platform CBS All Access, which also features the new Star Trek series. Season 1 will comprise 10 episodes and after the 2-hour premiere they will be available on Thursdays...
  5. Gabriel Maxwell

    Dynasty Renewed for 3rd Season

    The CW has renewed Dynasty for a 3rd season:
  6. Gabriel Maxwell

    MAGA Thugs Attack 'Empire' Star

    They called him "that f***** Empire n*****", put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and beat him up fracturing his rib while screaming "this is MAGA country."
  7. Gabriel Maxwell

    Useless (But Fun) DYNASTY Tidbits & Trivia

    I recall a long DYNASTY thread on the old SOAPCHAT forum which was filled with pages and pages of trivia, so - as I've recently immersed myself in the archives of old newspapers and magazines - I thought of posting a collection of little nuggets of useless information about our good ole lily...
  8. Gabriel Maxwell

    "Noel Coward it isn't."

    Good old Barbs. Bitchslappin' the shoulderpads out of 'em. Of course, I think she was being too harsh on the writers. I love 'The Colbys'. But, bless her heart anyway.
  9. Gabriel Maxwell

    Season 2 Promo

    It took forever, but here it is. Finally.
  10. Gabriel Maxwell

    Amazon Prime The Romanoffs (from Matthew Weiner)

    The creator of MAD MEN returns with his 2nd high-profile project THE ROMANOFFS, an 8-episode miniseries, this time on the Amazon streaming platform Prime. THE ROMANOFFS is described as a contemporary anthology series, set around the globe, featuring eight separate stories about people who...
  11. Gabriel Maxwell

    The Colbys Mansion

    I came across some old photos of the Jay Paley residence circa 1938 and I was going to post them in a Colbys mansion thread, but I realized there hasn't been one since SoapChat crashed and got resurrected in 2016. So, I'll kick one off with these photos. The Holmby Hills mansion in Bel Air from...
  12. Gabriel Maxwell

    A Day on the Set of DYNASTY

    All that nostalgia in the recent "First DYNASTY Memories" thread got me to look up some old listings and newspaper scans from the former Yugoslavia, where - as I already mentioned - DYNASTY had become a ratings-grabbing phenomenon in the mid 1980s. One of the articles I came across is taken...
  13. Gabriel Maxwell

    Tab Hunter Dies at 86

    Actor Tab Hunter has passed away three days shy of his 87th birthday.
  14. Gabriel Maxwell

    Michael Cohen Flipping on Trump?

    ABC News is reporting Trump's crooked attorney's attorneys are leaving him, he does not have a replacement lined up and will likely cooperate with the federal authorities. If that's the case, this could be a very bad day for the Orange Scum...
  15. Gabriel Maxwell

    The Filoli Estate Photo & Video Collection

    I am compelled to create this thread having just seen what I assume is a new commercial for Estée Lauder called "Beautiful". Perhaps you can all add your favorite photos and videos, past and present, of the Filoli estate? The estate has its own YouTube channel, which also includes a 21-minute...
  16. Gabriel Maxwell

    Trump Congratulates Putin on Winning Sham Elections

    President of the United States called the Russian dictator today. He didn't bring up Russian meddling in US elections. Nor did he say a word about the savage use of a military-grade nerve agent on UK soil which put a Russian spy and numerous UK citizens into a hospital. Instead, he congratulated...
  17. Gabriel Maxwell


    I've always liked Latin music, but I've never been obsessed with any of it. That is until I discovered MALUMA, who is apparently a Colombian superstar. First I saw him in this collaboration with RICKY MARTIN (the video has almost 1.4 billion views on YouTube) and I was intrigued to know who he...
  18. Gabriel Maxwell

    Adam Rippon - Yay or Nay?

    A breakout star of the Olympics, dubbed the first openly gay Olympics athlete, he's seemingly omnipresent. There was the controversy with Vice-President Mike Pence, the bromance with fellow gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy, numerous talk show appearances along with this week's lovefest with Reece...
  19. Gabriel Maxwell

    Over-hyped Nunes Memo is a Dud

    LOL. After FOX News spent the past 2 weeks over-hyping the David Nunes memo -- whose only purpose was to undermine the FBI and torpedo the Muller investigation by proving it was based on the supposedly dodgy Christopher Steele dossier -- this dud of a memo finally landed with a thud on Friday by...
  20. Gabriel Maxwell

    Trust [FX Series]

    I've been looking forward to seeing the first glimpse of this series ever since it was announced. We finally have a trailer and premiere date (March 25). The original trailer on the FX channel won't play in all territories, so I found an alternative video link. Donald Sutherland, Hillary Swank...