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  1. Liz Graig

    Josh new show premieres March 5th

    They couldn't have cast John Ross better. Josh played him perfectly. He was everything i always imagined adult John Ross to be. Devilish but so so charming... I'm definitely going to take a look at his new show and wish him well but he will always be sue ellen's son to me.
  2. Liz Graig

    CBS or some network should do a 40th Anniversary mini-series in 2018

    Realistically I don't see this happening. I know it's hard for some people to accept, but sometimes it is really better just to let it go and move on. And we'll always have the memories.
  3. Liz Graig

    john ross and Christopher appreciation thread

    I loved elena w John ross in season 1. For me, that was the only genuine romantic relationship he had.. too bad it ended so fast. And that scene in the old old ewing oil offices where he's telling her how he used to sit in his daddy's chair there as a child and later proposing to her is one of...
  4. Liz Graig

    What did you NOT like the most about the New Dallas?

    Exactly this. Having watched the season 1 many times now since the cancellation, I actually think it was pretty good and had that sense of "old dallas" at least momentarily. Season 1 was by far the best season of dallas tnt imo. Season 2 had a couple of good episodes (masterpiece, legacies) and...