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  1. Don Howard

    When you lose your lead character!

    Continuing production on that show after Prinze offed himself was ridiculous. Greed from NBC and who knows who else.
  2. Don Howard

    A Year Of Reality

    I'm shakin' in my boots.
  3. Don Howard

    A Year Of Reality

    Trash. All of it.
  4. Don Howard

    Kathy Griffin: "Anderson Cooper: Spineless Heiress...."

    Time for her to jump off a bridge.
  5. Don Howard

    Kevin Spacey comes out

    He was Mr. Everyplace. Now he's crawled under a bed. Stay there.
  6. Don Howard

    Celebrity Death Predictions Between Now And 2020

    I'd like to add Hugh Downs to this list.
  7. Don Howard

    Comic Louis CK apologizes for masturbating in front of women...

    Now that it's out in public, he says he's sorry.
  8. Don Howard

    John Hillerman - Magnum PI's Higgins - has died

    He was everything he was in.
  9. Don Howard

    Kristoff St. John

    Yes, I can see the wench suing him for taking attention away from her......attention which she doesn't have in the first place.
  10. Don Howard

    The one and only time I agreed with JR.

    Hadn't he sold the Southern Cross by this point?
  11. Don Howard

    Why did Victoria look her prettiest during her last year on DALLAS?

    They were all fine until they started getting those dumb haircuts ca. 1983-84 (Some of the Knots Landing women were guilty of this, too). Thank heavens Charlene Tilton was able to dodge those shears.
  12. Don Howard

    Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis

  13. Don Howard

    CBS orders MAGNUM PI reboot

    The four main cast members from the 1980s edition are all still alive, so there was cameo potential. But alas.
  14. Don Howard

    Dallas Actors Priscilla Presley quits Scientology

    I never knew she was in it. But then, she never knew if wasn't, so it all evens out.
  15. Don Howard

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E01: I Hardly Recognized You

    Grant Show is not a strong patriarch. When John Forsythe (Jim Davis on DALLAS was the best) was in the mansion, you knew who the boss of the scene was. Alan Dale is the strongest male actor on this show.
  16. Don Howard

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E01: I Hardly Recognized You

    I liked the portrayals of Steven and of Joseph. Everyone else ---> PFFT! Slow that darned camera down. I'm dizzy. No babes on this show....except maybe Claudia. The show needs somebody drop-dead gorgeous like Heather Locklear or Catherine Oxenberg on Classic Dynasty.
  17. Don Howard

    Not one note we've heard yet of the "supposed" new theme song...

    I watched the show On Demand where the end credits are uncrunched and we get to hear the "theme" without anyone talking over it and thought, "This isn't theme music. It's just noise".
  18. Don Howard

    First and Last Initial

    Tommy Tune
  19. Don Howard

    Not one note we've heard yet of the "supposed" new theme song...

    I was hoping they'd use the theme to The Colbys. Man, that piece was electricity.