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    OG Dynasty cameos?

    I was at a Joan Collins event last February in London. It was an "evening with Joan" type of thing with the audience asking questions. I asked if she would ever appear on the new Dynasty and if she had ever seen it. She immediately responded with a resounding "No!" and a comment on there only...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E06: A Used-Up Memory

    I live in the UK atm but have a way a watching ;) I am having trouble re-accessing the episode, so I wish I could find said dialogue... (Surprisingly) I liked a line of Dominque's to Vanessa - something about why Kim and Kanye married. Sometimes pop culture references can feel like a show is...
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    Joan For The Holidays

    I missed this topic /facepalm How would I get my thread deleted? As I posted about this as well after the fact... Apologies!
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    Joan For The Holidays

    With DYNASTY references, but of course... And articles from Vogue and British Vogue (generally the same): Joan Collins on Being the New Face of Valentino and Why She’ll Never Wear Jeans Joan Collins On Being...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S02E11 The Sight Of You

    I enjoyed this episode - probably one of my favourites. Nothing really bothered me for the most part. I am in agreement that Monica's larger role is a great thing. Was not sure how I felt about her before but I like what is being done now.
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    Another Core Character Not Returning? (Spoiler)

    Can't believe I forgot that too -- normally I have a very good memory with shows. Thank you!
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    Another Core Character Not Returning? (Spoiler)

    I almost forgot! Well I forgot about the mother, funny enough. Strange. And I know it's off topic but what was the stupidest thing then? Or at least a stupider thing! I'm not on Instagram a lot but I happened to see this within minutes of him posting as well. Thanks for sharing here! I know...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E03 The Butler Did It

    I never quite warmed up to Culhane. Never found him that interesting or thought he added much to the show. From Season 1, I only remember his father dying and his fling with Monica. Otherwise, not memorable to me at all. Of course, this is just me. Apparently some of us did like him in Season 1?
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    Dallas Pictures Victoria Principal ... Pics And Articles

    December 2017. Senior Sweethearts! Victoria Principal Finds New Love With Cameraman ‘Dallas’ star finally moves on years after difficult divorce.
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    Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis

    On Instagram today, the actor who plays Steven said he is on his way back to Atlanta to film Episode 15.
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E07: A Taste Of Your Own Medicine

    LOL. My thoughts exactly. If they try to, perhaps they will bank on a weak plot point. Like Claudia actually did set it up correctly to only injure Matthew, but then someone else went in after her and purposely made it worse/deadly.
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    What's working and what's not working...

    Good observation! Now that you mention it, I suddenly notice what you mean about the camera work. Total agreement that I find NuJeff kind of boring and that OldJeff had something more to offer.
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    What's working and what's not working...

    I was probably very alone in this but I thought I saw some potential - some nuance - for her in the beginning. However, now it is like she only reads her lines outloud with some "emotion" and is not naturally staying in the moment. Which is unfortunate because I have seen her other work and...
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    Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis

    I am not as familiar with Nicollette as the rest of you but I believe it. In the past, some actors/actresses have no choice but to step up their game when a talent/powerhouse shows up. Not saying everyone is able to rise to the challenge, though perhaps we will see some shift where Cristal is...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E06: I Exist Only For Me

    Did we see Matthew's dead body, or did any character mention "seeing" Matthew's dead body? Is it fair to say Mark Jennings will show up well before Matthew's "Lazarus" act? But first, Alexis.
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01e05: Company Slut

    I did a search too and came up empty. I have seen it happen before when a song is nowhere to be found even after it has aired on a television episode, then it suddenly appears. My suggestion is to try again later :)
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    Original Dynasty stuff that should be avoided?

    Have Fallon and Jeff "smoke up" with a substance that is laced, then later Jeff blames what they saw on hallucinations (even though people don't have the same hallucination, right?). Better yet, "poison paint" fumes...
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    Who was the love of Alexis life?

    Very interesting question. After some thought, I say Blake. As some posters have pointed out, it did become an "obsession" of sorts, yes. But the opposite of love is not hate - it is indifference. There is a fine line. I believe what Alexis felt for Blake was deeper than Dex overall. Whether...
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    Catherine Oxenberg's daughter and the cult that brands and starves

    Thanks. I found the following video and then found your topic! Here is a video interview on TODAY published Nov 2, 2017: Actress Catherine Oxenberg Talks About Her Fight To Save Her ‘Hijacked’ Daughter
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E01: I Hardly Recognized You

    I tried not to bring many expectations into watching, though from the little I saw in the previews, I felt Cristal would not be interesting or rootable. (Of course, she does not have to be a carbon copy of Linda Evans - I actually did not find Krystle fully rootable or likeable until Season 2 or...