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  1. B.J. Ewing

    Meeting the Colbys at home

    I don't think that's strange at all. The Colbys knew Pamela Sue-Fallon, they had never met Emma-Fallon before. ;-)
  2. B.J. Ewing

    Dynasty gag reels.

    What was the second one about? I have seen three videos so far: the 1987 one (this one was new to me), the 1983 one and the season 8 one (1988).
  3. B.J. Ewing

    Actors You Wanted on Dynasty

    Wasn't Faye Dunaway considered for the part of Sable Colby? I love Stephanie Beacham, but I've always been curious about how Faye would have fit in the world of the Carringtons and the Colbys.
  4. B.J. Ewing

    Dynasty: The Reunion Thoughts/Reviews

    I liked The Reunion only for giving some kind of closure. Storyline of programmed Krystle, Steven with his old face, Adam with a new face, Sammy Jo being a bitch again and Fallon still not being able to choose between Jeff and Miles while we had all seem that for a whole Colbys season did not do...
  5. B.J. Ewing

    Lost Mini-Series Opening

    Linda Gray still wasn’t in the opening credits. Neither were Steve Kanaly and Ken Kercheval.
  6. B.J. Ewing

    Amanda Grimes

    What if Amanda turned out to be Roger Grimes’ daughter? Then her daddy would have been killed by her halfsister Fallon and her halfbrother Dennis would have tried to kill Fallon!
  7. B.J. Ewing

    Best Australian Soap Theme Song

    I also know this one, but can hardly remember any of it. Except the hurricane episode!! And an old lady who also starred in Return to Eden.
  8. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    I think Ray and Lucy are also originals, so that makes four of them.
  9. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    It's about a deleted scene of the Ewing boys playing ball... :-(
  10. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    Whatever it is, I feel excited!!!!!
  11. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    A closure movie or miniserie would be perfect!!!
  12. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas Character Bobby's Death Bed Apology

    I hope I'll never be a patient at that hospital. Because I think the people who would come to visit me would feel sick by just looking at me.
  13. B.J. Ewing

    What would you name the Carrington Estate?

    Carrington Hall.
  14. B.J. Ewing

    Instead Of Pam Having The Accident And Leaving

    There's still Christopher to consider. I don't think Pam would ever leave her son to go away with Mark.
  15. B.J. Ewing

    Instead of the shower scene

    I think this is a great idea! The viewer would think if it was Jamie or Sue Ellen laying there and then see Bobby instead in the last couple of seconds!!
  16. B.J. Ewing

    30th anniversary footage from Southfork

    There is a DVD from this event.
  17. B.J. Ewing

    Dallas Actors I remember Barbara Bel Geddes on her birthday

    Congratulations with our beloved Mama, Barbara Fan!!
  18. B.J. Ewing

    Dynasty: The Reunion, Who was invited or considered?

    Karin, where have you been??? :p:D It's been out in Australia since today.
  19. B.J. Ewing

    Last TV show you watched?

    Friends The Golden Girls Mickey Mouse
  20. B.J. Ewing

    Unused names you'd like for characters on DYNASTY

    Virginity Vachina (yes, pronounce it THAT way). Real name: Tilly Cox (yes, pronounce it THAT way). Millie Cox's twin sister, who - while Millie became wellknown singer Dominique Devereaux - became the world's most wanted porn actress. Dual role for Diahann Carroll of course. Dominique felt...