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  1. Grant Jennings

    Why didn't DYNASTY copy DALLAS?

    This could have been very much like "Dallas", original "Dallas"; even the names: L.B. and Danny instead of J.R. and Bobby are very similar. Krystina could have been the Miss Ellie character trying to maintain peace.
  2. Grant Jennings

    The Brady-Partridge War

    Bulifant was apparently very close to appearing as Carol Brady - opposite Gene Hackman! She's led an interesting life.
  3. Grant Jennings

    Who were the hottest couple in Dynasty Town?

    The hottest couple and one I can see remaining together: If Al Corley played Steven opposite Bill Campbell as Luke I might have chosen them instead.
  4. Grant Jennings

    Is this the scene that defines the writers giving up?

    I don't know if Michael Michele and Elaine Hendrix will remake this scene but RuPaul and Bowen Yang already did.
  5. Grant Jennings

    Curtis to Collins: "Will you stop acting like a c***?"

    And I thought some of her wigs on Dynasty looked cheap!
  6. Grant Jennings

    Charlie's Angels in Dynasty

    Farrah Fawcett as Aurora "Rory" Grant, Krystle's kid sister who has an affair with Adam. Jaclyn Smith as Lady Ashley Mitchell Kate Jackson as Sarah Curtis
  7. Grant Jennings

    nuDynasty Spoilers All Casting News And Spoilers For S4

    To me he sounds like a new version of Nick: at first he's there to counsel Cristal during a difficult time but they can't deny their attraction. I wonder if Caleb has a vendetta against Blake.
  8. Grant Jennings

    Krystle - a bitch in disguise?

    No, she wasn't. Krystle was an introvert, as one myself I can say that our natural reserve can sometimes be mistaken for being cold and aloof. I don't recall Krystle displaying a superior attitude. She was distrustful of Ben and with good reason. The only person to whom she appeared to take an...
  9. Grant Jennings

    Which was better the Original or the Cover Song?

    Go West The original Village People version or the cover by The Pet Shop Boys
  10. Grant Jennings

    The Seven Grant Sisters

    Interesting. I once posted my suggestion of Valerie Perrine as Iris. I'm not convinced Iris is really dead. I see Krystle as the introverted daughter (similar to Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice) who casts a wary eye on the exploits of her more adventurous sisters. Iris is the most...
  11. Grant Jennings

    What colour paint in the conservatory/bedrooms and livingroom?

    The living room/master bedroom/Steven's first and second bedrooms appear to be a pale dove grey; a white base with some lampblack and a little umber (I used to mix paint for a living many lifetimes ago). The dining room/Fallon's bedroom was initially a very grey shade of pale blue and later...
  12. Grant Jennings

    Where Was The Kitchen Supposed To Be?

    I thought they chose to film the interiors at the Park Lane house because they thought the exterior of the Duncan ranch was suitable for exteriors but the interior room sizes and layout weren't suitable. Even gussied up as a tourist attraction, the interior isn't all that impressive. The den...
  13. Grant Jennings

    Where Was The Kitchen Supposed To Be?

    The set would have made much more sense if the rooms across the front were reversed, this way the kitchen could be in the same position as the actual house. This would position the kitchen behind the dining room (with perhaps a butler's pantry in between) and closer to the garage. Jock's study...
  14. Grant Jennings

    Southfork garage

    Just like it was more dramatic to storm down the stairs and out the front door, which is why the staircase in the Carrington mansion was moved on Dynasty.
  15. Grant Jennings

    Dominique And Alexis Go At It Again

    This cut-for-time sketch from Saturday Night Live was clearly written by a Dynasty fan.
  16. Grant Jennings

    Should Krystle have a girlfirend to talk to?

    Friends?! The second Mrs. de Winter... I mean Carrington can't have friends! Mrs. Carrington has to feel isolated and alone in that huge, cold mansion redolent with an air of foreboding. Krystle is initially an introvert and the only friends she has appear to be women with whom she has worked...
  17. Grant Jennings

    Ranking all Dynasty seasons

    I don't have a problem with Moldavia as a plot-line because I like the way it references (intentionally or not) the late 19th/early 20th century practice of U.S. robber-barons marrying off their daughters to European royalty. My problem is, as others have noted, how small it felt. Moldavia felt...
  18. Grant Jennings

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E12: Battle Lines

    Do we know for a fact that the texts Sam received were from Fletcher and not someone *cough Steven cough* else?
  19. Grant Jennings

    Poll: Who is Your favourite NuDynasty Cristal and Alexis Combo?

    My favorite scene between the two is definitely the catfight in the studio but my favorite cast is the current version; I much prefer Elaine Hendrix over Nicolette Sheridan's affected performance and Daniella Alonso is much more nuanced in her portrayal than either of her predecessors. Nathalie...
  20. Grant Jennings

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E12: Battle Lines

    I loved that house, I would have resorted to questionable tactics to get it, too. I liked that this wasn't simply "let's give Fallon something to do this episode" but was part of the development of her relationship with Liam. Glad that Liam spoke up about Fallon making EVERY decision in their...