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  1. Long Lashes

    Eight Words

    2. Pansies
  2. Long Lashes

    Telly Talk Café

    She has been here today! :roll: It wasn't a celebrity and I had to wear this hat ... Can you guess who it was? ..... can you? :D Sit down before looking at the spoiler or you might faint .... Excuse me, I need to lie down ....
  3. Long Lashes

    Telly Talk Café

    Oye! whats this "secondary hotness" you speak of? :p They would never harm me, well, not on purpose :hide: A lash-out is brewing, I can feel it :a2: Its not so fab Michelle, Biff got carried away... I swear I asked him to make three plant-houses and not thirty-three :fp: They must have...
  4. Long Lashes

    Eight Words

    New word Professional
  5. Long Lashes

    Eight Words

    8. Medic
  6. Long Lashes

    How long will it take us to get to 10,000 posts?

    I like Pop and Rock, both the music and as names, those would also be good names for next years eaglets :D It sounds like your Mother is very good at keeping Poinsettias :) do you know if her Poinsettias leaves have changed colour in the past? This all sounds fascinating! I cant wait to...
  7. Long Lashes

    What did you have for lunch today?

    Two cream-crackers with cheese. A tomato and a nectarine.
  8. Long Lashes

    This or That - song edition

    Yaay! I like this thread :hats: Kids in America - Billie Joe Armstrong Vs All I really Want To Do - Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
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    I can't keep up with all his songs so this thread should help me out :D I like this version with the strings and he certainly gives his songs his all, he is a good mix of passion and energy Nothing wrong in being weird Yungblud and this gives me the perfect opportunity to use a quote from my...
  10. Long Lashes

    In the Spotlight with.. Karin Schill

    One last question from me Karin (and thank you for all your answers) . Have you enjoyed your week in the spotlight?
  11. Long Lashes

    Same Title - Different Song

    Don't Bring Me Down ELO Sia Thanks to @Michelle Stevens in the Link A Song/Artist thread ;)
  12. Long Lashes

    Link the Artist or the Song

    To. ... Don't Bring Me Down - Sia (snap! :D )
  13. Long Lashes

    Members Chosen Theme 20 Songs Themed around Genres of Music and Dance - The vote

    1. My Own Soul's Warning – The Killers @Richard Channing 2. Waltz Darling – Malcolm McLaren @Ome 3. Persian Blues · Fortran 5 @Willie Oleson 4. Metal Guru – Nena @Emelee 5. D.I.S.C.O. - Ottowan @Payton Cross 6. La Disco - Giorgio Moroder @Ome 7. Rock n Roll - The Sounds...
  14. Long Lashes

    Can You Guess Who Will Post Next?

    Yep, its me :D Angela will be next :popcorn:
  15. Long Lashes

    Grocery Shopping

    Soya Yoghurt
  16. Long Lashes

    Eight Words

    2. Dance :jump2:
  17. Long Lashes

    Five Letters One Sentence

    Looking After Really Venomous Adder N U R S E
  18. Long Lashes

    Link a film/movie

    Wait Until Dark
  19. Long Lashes

    Telly Talk Café

    No worries Michelle, our lawyers (along with the TT Firefighters and my Aliens) love me so much that they do it all for free. :spinning: I need my present from them before I let them experiment on me again. :a2: Thank you :D your sweet minions are still scrubbing the tables in readiness...
  20. Long Lashes

    Telly Talk Café

    Thank you for starting us off in such style Angela! :clap::clap::clap: