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  1. Walford Boy

    British Soap Awards 2018

    It is that time of year again who will get your vote:-
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    UK Soap Of The Year 2017

    Which soap has been the best of 2017?
  3. Walford Boy

    Emmerdale Village ready for Christmas

    Emmerdale are filming Christmas:-
  4. Walford Boy


    I know not a UK soap but near as it can be. Love Red Rock. It reminds me very much of the Bill in it's early days. It is far to good to be tucked away in the afternoon. A great cast, great storylines and I am really enjoying watching it.
  5. Walford Boy

    Prime Suspect 1973

    This is turning out to be a must watch on a Thursday evening. Great cast, Love Alun Armstrong. They have cast the role of Jane Tennison very well. Stefanie Martini is very good. I love all the 70's stuff, the cars, the radio, the hair do's the clothes, happy days. It reminds of Ashes to Ashes...
  6. Walford Boy

    National Television Awards 2017

    Here's who I voted for (its like Euro-vision):- Serial Drama Performance: Jack P Shepherd Drama performance: Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) Drama: Happy Valley Period Drama: Peaky Blinders Challenge Show: Master Chef TV Judge: Mary Berry TV Presenters: Mel and Sue I couldn't decide on...
  7. Walford Boy

    itv's big soap week which did you prefer?

    As itv's so called big soap week comes to an end, which of the northern soaps did you prefer? I went for Coronation Street because I enjoyed watching it more and it had more of a shock value with Anna going up in flames. The stunt was far better in Emmerdale they are the best apart from...
  8. Walford Boy

    EastEnders EastEnders

    I enjoyed the whitney and Lee scenes. It is really odd, the characters I disliked under DTC are so much more bearable under SOC apart from Ian. Lovely scenes with the Cokers and Billy. I did almost feel sorry for Jane in the Vic, then I remembered what she and Ian have done to Max. What goes...