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    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    I completely agree re Mandy. She would have quickly grown tired of life at Southfork and she wouldn’t have been welcomed by the family either. She was a home wrecker, Cally wasn’t, and that would have been the difference. What Mandy wanted was what she ultimately got- world travel and being in...
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    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    I think you’re right, Sarah. Mandy was the one he came closest to ending his marriage for but, when it came down to it, he couldn’t. Whatever happened to JR and Sue Ellen from their first meeting he was hooked and so was she. That was what made the whole Kimberly Cryder storyline so ridiculous...
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    What titles are in your Netflix/Amazon etc list?

    Binge watched The Duchess on Netflix with Katherine Ryan. V funny :)
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    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    I’m a mega fan of this couple! The actors had such great chemistry that they brought the love/hate, can’t live with but can’t live without elements to the characters’ relationship to life with such great effect. The love scenes were super sexy and I really liked the fact that if JR was troubled...
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    Criticism by cast members

    Thanks I tend to agree but wish there had been more :)
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    Criticism by cast members

    I have often wondered whether there are any interviews of the cast members in which they speak of things like how hard they worked, the feeling of being dispensable, unhappiness with their characters’ storylines etc? Linda spoke vaguely about being tired of Sue Ellen drinking and having affairs...
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    9 to 5 (the film & TV series)

    9 to 5 was great! In any of its incarnations, including the stage over here. Loved the ethos and the comedy :)
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    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    I liked their chemistry right at the beginning when she was still married to Sam Culver and seemed completely unattainable to Ray but she was hot for him. Donna also always fought for their marriage in the early years and never gave up on him. Hers was yet another example of a disappointing...
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    Which series do you wanna re-watch?

    Re-watching True Blood at the moment. It’s graphic but the story is interesting and the acting is good. I want to watch Dallas and Falcon Crest again but not much time with work and family :)
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    After All

    Great update. Loved the kiss! :)
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    What was the last film you watched?

    Quartet- the only film directed by Dustin Hoffman. Stellar older cast and just lovely. Maggie Smith on top form :)
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    What titles are in your Netflix/Amazon etc list?

    Selling Sunset- utter trash but a guilty pleasure seeing all those lovely LA homes. On Netflix now :)
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    United States of Dallas

    New York- where Katherine worked before coming to Dallas :)
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    Dallas Character Ray Krebbs

    Ray started out as an edgy character and in my view he would have been more interesting to have stayed that way. He was reinvented and I’m not sure why. Jealous of Bobby and Pam, lustful for Lucy and Sue Ellen, he could have been great. Liked the chemistry with Donna though, so I’m a bit...
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    Which series do you wanna re-watch?

    Line of Duty :)
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    I think an exit involving a heartbroken Pam, unable to have a baby with Bobby might have been credible. The throw away line before she crashed into the truck about seeing the doctor could have been incorporated into the season a lot earlier, followed by her infertility struggle and then a sad...
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    Bafta 2020

    Happy for Glenda Jackson and Jared Harris. Chernobyl also richly deserved winner :)
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    Elizabeth is Missing (Glenda Jackson is fab!)

    Completely agree. Wonderful performance:)