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  1. Ferney

    Josh Henderson declared innocent- case rejected!

    I know Josh has fans here and wanted to clear this up as soon as possible so everyone could see- Josh Henderson is an innocent man who was falsely arrested for a burglary he didn't...
  2. Ferney

    Josh Henderson Arrested for Burglary

    Surprised this is not up. Shocking. Don't know what to think. The Arrangement and Desperate Housewives alum Josh Henderson was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday for suspected burglary, E! News has confirmed. TMZ...
  3. Ferney

    Dallas Character How much money did Rebecca give Afton?

    How much did Rebecca give Afton in her Will? I'm a bit fuzzy on the number. I've been watching again those episodes and when Cliff goes through her bankbook, she really didn't spend too much- I thought a number was said about the amount she was given, but I can't remember it. Afton was a...
  4. Ferney

    Brenda Strong has supporting role on Supergirl now

    Just a heads up, but Brenda Strong has a semi-continuous role on Supergirl now. She has been in several episodes and she is on tonight. She is Lex Luthor's mother and head of a criminal organization- does a great job, don't know how much longer she will be on it as she is real evil but...