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  1. JeffUSA


    If my memory serves me correctly, I think "Berrenger's" was NBC's last attempt at an 80s primetime soap. It aired on Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. (this was not yet the dead zone that it would become on US television), and it seems like it was pretty much DOA. I watched it every week during it's...
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    The New Dominique
  3. JeffUSA

    Alexis' Atlanta Penthouse

    Something like this looks about right for this show: the penthouse in the W Hotel building in Atlanta.,pf_pt/108605485_zpid/37211_rid/penthouse-unit_att/globalrelevanceex_sort/33.972121,-84.227372,33.561137,-84.733429_rect/10_zm/
  4. JeffUSA

    Paper Dolls Whatever Happened To?: Don Bowron

    "Paper Dolls" was my most anticipated new show of the 1984 fall season and I wasn't disappointed (I was only 16 and prime time soaps were everything to me). The show was no comparison to "Dynasty" (my platinum standard for all-things nighttime soap), but it was entertaining and the cast was...
  5. JeffUSA

    Recreated stories from the Original Dynasty

    A recent post asked what characters we'd like to see on the new Dynasty so it made me think what other storylines they will eventually pick up. For me, I want to see "Cristal getting pregnant and Alexis firing the gun story." Although with the focus seeming to be on Fallon/Alexis verses...
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    Dynasty Scores Full Season Order

    The CW is committing to Dynasty. The younger-skewing broadcast network has handed out a back-nine episode order for its reboot of the 1980s primetime soap. The pickup is the first full-season order placed by The CW this season. Dynasty, produced by CBS Television Studios, is averaging 0.4...