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  1. Sarah

    Uncle Ben's rice - name to change Uncle Ben's Rice will change its name to Ben's Original and remove the image of a bow-tied black man from its packaging. The change follows through on a pledge its owner Mars Food made in June to review the brand amid global protests over police...
  2. Sarah

    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    They open portals to other very dangerous worlds (I've been advised). And unless it involves Sue Ellen in an attic, I ain't going there.
  3. Sarah

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

    Ms Bader Ginsburg's coffin is now reposing at the Supreme Court: Trump is expected to visit later.
  4. Sarah

    Hello everyone

    I appreciated LG and LH from day one - always my favourite and you’re spot on with the chemistry - it’s unparalleled. They became the ‘First Couple of Dallas’ (that’s their tribute name in the Southfork museum). They’re my favourite couple of all time :) I appreciate your words! :)
  5. Sarah

    The Corona Virus

  6. Sarah

    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    You could probably handle it, but yes I think it's a very bad idea!!!!!
  7. Sarah

    Hello everyone

    Hey Frank, you're very welcome. Hope you will enjoy your time here. Sue Ellen is my absolute favourite yay! :love1:And her and JR are my favourite couple. Really glad you posted and look forward to your contributions with us. Sarah xx
  8. Sarah

    The Most Annoying Advert In The History Of Humankind

    It's the theme!!!! It drives me insane!!!!!!
  9. Sarah

    The Most Annoying Advert In The History Of Humankind

    Trust me - if you hear it every day, soon it will enter your mind and you will be pulling out your nosehair.
  10. Sarah

    Gong Bong! In Loving Memory, Larry Hagman, 21 September

    I had a conversation with my Mum a while ago and we were talking about our vision of Heaven. I told her I will be bypassing Jesus and after greeting her and my Dad, I'll be 'with you know who'. :hug:
  11. Sarah

    Recycling Services

    Projecting ourselves into a whole new level of insanity in N Ireland, yesterday they took everything but a SMALL cardboard tube (remainder of toilet roll). They left it behind because it wasn't in the right box. It is the size of my hand. :hair:
  12. Sarah

    The Most Annoying Advert In The History Of Humankind

    Sorry - I will find one where she is but she isn’t really the point. It’s the music and the fact they are trying to get people to go to Moy.
  13. Sarah

    Is This A Bot Attack?

    My statues!!! JR almost got his you know what blown off!
  14. Sarah

    Members Chosen Theme 20 songs with Potential Murder Weapons in the Title - The Nominations

    One of my fave movies - Clue! Thinking cap on...
  15. Sarah

    The Most Annoying Advert In The History Of Humankind

    You should live in N Ireland and have to put up with the Connollys of Moy advert starring Pamela Ballentine. Excruitating.
  16. Sarah

    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    Thank you guys. I have an over active mind which analyses everything (it’s exhausting) and sometimes I am totally confident in their love and at other times when I watch certain scenes I think - oh God what is that about? What does it mean? Like I believe with all my heart that JR loved Sue...
  17. Sarah

    Same old, same old - programme genres

    I HATE Tipping Point. It reminds me of those bloody machines that spit 2ps out at you. You know @Mo Mouse I have a childhood memory of watching a man play one of those machines, but each time he put a 2p in, he would roll it through his mouth first. Right under his tongue and up and over and...
  18. Sarah

    Weird dreams

    OK @Mo Mouse I'll keep my legs crossed. After a few wines I can't promise anything though.
  19. Sarah

    What was the last book you read?

    I'd really like that @Mo Mouse - you could show me your cheese collection. Maybe share some.
  20. Sarah

    What was the last book you read?

    Yes, to be honest @Mo Mouse, I'm still only 11. I haven't told many people but they are shocked by my advancement, especially when it comes to dissecting Dallas.