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  1. Karin Schill

    Brad Pitt tableread...

    No not for Dallas. Anyway I just stumbled across this YouTube Clip and wanted to share it but wasn't exactly sure if it fits here or better in celebrity scuttlebutt. I guess these celebrities are getting bored by Corona as they are doing tablereads over Zoom now: If you have an hour. This is...
  2. Karin Schill

    Emma Samms about having COVID-19

    Hi Everyone, I stumbled over this interview with Emma Samms about having Covid-19. She apparently still has some long term problems because of the disease. :( I wish her a full recovery. Take care, Best wishes: Karin.
  3. Karin Schill

    Buffy / Angel SMG answers Buffy trivia and her friend chews gum

    Hi Everyone, I just stumbled across this video on YouTube and it's too funny not to share: ' Enjoy! Karin.
  4. Karin Schill

    Dallas cast at live video event on May 12th! :)

    Hi Everyone, It's been posted on social media but I thought I'd put it here too for those of you who might not have seen it. Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Steve Kanaly and Charlene Tilton are doing a live video chat at Wizard World...
  5. Karin Schill

    Dallas TNT - "Forgiveness"

    Hi Everyone, So I'm back with a brand new story. :) I hope that you are all doing well and are safe in this trying times that we are currently facing in the world. I know a lot of people around the globe are currently in lock down or are afraid for their health or the health of a family member...
  6. Karin Schill

    Best and Worst European Countries

    Hi Everyone, I stumbled across this list: I think it might have been compiled by an American who never have even visited...
  7. Karin Schill

    Prince Andrew Interview with BBC

    Hi Everyone! I just stumbled across this new interview with Prince Andrew where he is trying to defend his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a US business man who has been in prison for sex trafficking. So I am wondering what's your thought of this interview? Do you think Prince Andrew has...
  8. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors Victoria Principal's phone reunion with the Dallas cast

    Hi Everyone, Dallas fanzine @garry has just shared a clip from the new Dallas DVD release where Victoria Principal talks to her former cast mates for the first time since 2004 I assume. This is how it went: Comments anyone? Take care, Best wishes: Karin. P.S. Thanks to my friend @Christine...
  9. Karin Schill

    Knots Landing 40th Anniversary Event on November 12th :)

    Hi Everyone, I just read on Donna Mills Instagram that she, Michele Lee and Joan Van Ark are doing a Knots Landing 40th Anniversary event in Palm Springs on November 12th. You can still buy tickets here...
  10. Karin Schill

    Dallas News Dallas Reunion at the Hollywood Show 1-2 November in LA

    Hi Everyone, I just thought that you'd like to know that the Hollywood Show is doing a Dallas Reunion on their upcoming event on November 1st and 2nd 2019. Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton, Barbara Carrera, Jenilee Harrison and Josh Henderson will appear at the event. For more...
  11. Karin Schill

    Catherine Oxenburg on E! True Hollywood Story

    Catherine Oxenberg Says NXIVM Broke Down & Reshaped Her Daughter Over the Course of Six Years An internal conflict. In this clip from the season premiere of E! True Hollywood Story (airing Sunday, Oct. 6 at 10 p.m.), Catherine Oxenberg shares the struggle she faced when choosing to walk away...
  12. Karin Schill

    Dallas News Meet the Dallas cast on the last weekend of September

    Hi Everyone, Now here's another chance to interact with the Dallas cast. Linda, Patrick and Charlene will be in Los Angeles at an event called Nostalgia Con on September 28th and 29th: They are signing autographs and doing some sort of panel. :)...
  13. Karin Schill

    Sonny and Cher's final performance together

    Hi Everyone, I was watching clips on YouTube and stumbled across this: It is billed as Sonny and Cher's final performance together and took place in 1987 which was like 12 years after their divorce. I thought it shows a special moment so I wanted to share it with you all in case you haven't...
  14. Karin Schill

    Buffy / Angel Angel Cast Reunion

    Hi Everyone, So it's been 20 years since Angel first came on the air this fall. It's going to be celebrated at a convention in New York City in early October 2019. Also Entertainment Weekly made a cast special like they did with Buffy for the anniversary 2 years ago. So if anyone wants to...
  15. Karin Schill

    You're Invited To The Ewing Bbq's Rewatch Of Dallas - Listen Here! :)

    Hi Everyone, Just thought that I'd share with you that a couple of Dallas fans are doing a new podcod where they are commenting on the episodes as they are re-watching them. So if anyone of you are interested in that kind of thing you can listen here...
  16. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors Deborah Tranelli In Bridges In Madison County June 2019

    Hi again, Also Deborah Tranelli is starring in a musical production of "Bridges of Madison County" starting June 20th. It runs for about two weeks at the south orange pacific art center in New Jersey. So if anyone in the New York area or the East coast would like to see her on stage here's...
  17. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors A Message To The Fans From Sly & Phyllis. :)

    Hi Everyone, Ultimate Dallas just posted this on social media so I thought I'd share it here as well: Here's a little greeting to all the fans from our favorite secretaries, I mean assistants. ;) Take care, Best wishes: Karin. x
  18. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors Victoria Principal is looking to the future...

    Hi Everyone, Just thought that I'd share this article: Seems like after spending 30 years focusing...
  19. Karin Schill

    Do you believe in spiritual mediums?

    Hi Everyone, I stumbled over a video last night that I watched where a woman was having a conversation with a famous person who is dead. I have never believed in any type of spiritual mediums and have always believed it was a lot of nonsense. Yet this woman was convinced that we live...
  20. Karin Schill

    Happy Birthday Toni! :)

    I would like to wish my birthday twin @Toni a Happy birthday. :balloon: We might be born different years and in different countries but I am always happy to share my birthday wish you! Oh and your favorite sends a greeting too!