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  1. Ome

    Members Chosen Theme 20 songs with Potential Murder Weapons in the Title - The Nominations

    This is the continuation of our ‘Members Chosen Word’ task and each week when we vote on our favourite pickings, we will take a guess at who suggested the current word/theme. Nominate 20 songs with potential murder weapons in the title. Please post a link for each nomination, that way...
  2. Ome

    CBB Favourite Jackie Stallone passes away in her sleep aged 89

    Sylvester Stallone's mother Jackie has passed away at the age of 98, as confirmed by her youngest son Frank. In a post shared to Instagram, Frank stated that Jackie 'died in her sleep as she had wished' on Monday morning. 'This morning my brothers and I lost our mother Jackie Stallone . She...
  3. Ome

    In the Spotlight with.. Richard Channing

    Up in the spotlight, this week is @Richard Channing Telly Talk Member 10 Richard joined the forums back in 2013, where he was known as Kristin Wentworth. Like many Telly Talk members, Richard proved his creativity by posting trailer videos he made based on DYNASTY in 1969, gaining lots of...
  4. Ome

    Netflix Ratched

    Has anyone started this, or planning to do it? From Ryan Murphy and with a great cast.
  5. Ome


    I can't hold it in any longer, I need a YUNGBLUD thread. YUNGBLUD is releasing singles faster than anyone I know from the past couple of years. I'm still overplaying his earlier releases and then I learn he's dropped another new song today. Even better is the news of his latest album WEIRD
  6. Ome

    Members Chosen Theme 20 Songs Themed around Genres of Music and Dance - The vote

    As always, a new thread for the votes to take place allowing the list to be on page one. Once completed the threads will be merged together. Below is the full list of member’s nominated songs themed on various genres of music and dance. But which member suggested this theme? Come on telly...
  7. Ome

    British Children told "Don't Kill Gran"

    As always, our government are constantly proving how incompetent they are. They have successfully created a new 'blame culture' by saying the uprising in cases is because of the young people. They know this by contact tracing - the app that doesn't work. That comes after they blamed the care...
  8. Ome

    In the Spotlight with.. Karin Schill

    Up in the spotlight, this week is @Karin Schill Telly Talk Member 18 Karin joined the forums way back September 2004. Since then Karin has made some wonderful friends, had the chance to attend various functions with likeminded fans of the soaps and other entertainments. Karin also loves...
  9. Ome

    Members Chosen Theme 20 Songs with Different Genres of Music & Dance in the Title

    This is the continuation of our ‘Members Chosen Word/Theme’ task and each week when we vote on our favourite pickings, we will take a guess at who suggested the current word/theme. Nominate 20 songs with different genres of music or dance in the title Words such as disco, pop, waltz, jazz...
  10. Ome

    In the Spotlight with.. A Telly Talk Member in the Spotlight.

    Many years ago, before the great crash of 2016 we had a thread dedicated to a forum member, here's how it looked and worked. Read through and if you want to join in then leave your name in this thread. Alternatively, you can submit your name to me in private. Every week we take a forum...
  11. Ome

    The Birthday Threads

    As many of you know the birthday forum was created because there was an overwhelming amount of threads created, including threads for members who hadn't posted in 2 years. Other threads were created for members that stick to one forum and they were never aware of the dedicated thread. With the...
  12. Ome

    UK Series The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

    I missed this the first time it aired, so I'm thankful they have repeated it. We only watched the first instalment last night and it was brilliant. I can get why the police suspect Jefferies, but it's absolutely appalling that they did this based on his personality. He's a fascinating...
  13. Ome

    Members Chosen Theme 20 songs to celebrate our return to a new home - Result Merged

    This is the continuation of our ‘Members Chosen Word/theme’ task and each week when we vote on our favourite pickings, we will take a guess at who suggested the current word/theme. Nominate 20 songs that are themed around our return to the nominations and our new shine and brightly home...
  14. Ome

    Sex and coronavirus: How to have it safely

    You've heard of the "new normal" around things like going back to work or shopping. But it also applies to sex, according to a sexual health charity. The Terrence Higgins Trust has published advice suggesting people avoid kissing, wear a face covering and choose positions that aren't...
  15. Ome

    I'm not hugging you!

    Let's get this clear from the start. If I react to your post with the love-heart smiley, it is because I love the post you created, not because I want to hug you and all that touchy-feely stuff. We should all be social distancing and don't think a virus can't catch you on the web
  16. Ome

    Problems logging in or registering?

    If you're having issues as you try to log in or register an account with us. Please contact and we will work as fast as we can to resolve the problem. Thanks
  17. Ome

    Sam Fender's Socially distancing Gig

    The first in a series of socially-distanced gigs will take place in a Newcastle park this evening. Concert-goers at Gosforth Park will get their own viewing platforms and be able to order food and drinks to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus. The 500 mini enclosures, 2m (6.5ft)...
  18. Ome

    Welcome to your new forums.

    While we try and settle into our new home, there will always be little snags that the builders need to be noted about. Use this thread to share your opinions and raise any questions you may have.
  19. Ome

    Changes to your forums

    This weekend will see big changes to our forums. After months of searching for a better, cheaper host we finally found one and this weekend we will be moving across. The forums will also be upgraded to the latest version of xenforo and will look very different from what we currently have. There...
  20. Ome

    UK Series Gangs of London

    Has anyone done this ? We've only done two episodes and we're hooked into this new gem. I thought BOARDWALK EMPIRE was violent, I thought SONS OF ANARCHY was violent, but this show turns the rest onto JOHN CRAVEN'S NEWSROUND. Hell, even Michael Myers would be shocked. Or maybe...