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  1. Arlene Halloran

    Spiritual FC.

    Throughout a nine year run FC had a spiritual undertone, to make it distinctive from the other three. There was Father Bob Curtis a real life catholic priest in the cast, leading star Jane Wyman was a devout catholic and in quite a bizarre twist Julia became a nun. I liked the spiritual...
  2. Arlene Halloran

    James Cluer does the Napa vineyards tour

    Since Falcon Crest was set in Napa Valley and specifically Spring Mountain Vineyard for the wine producing concept, I'm posting a video of James Cluer visiting the beautiful place and talking to the chief wine maker about what they do. I hope you find the video enjoyable.
  3. Arlene Halloran

    Julia behind bars.

    In some shows a character going to jail can lead to them being written out but of course with FC when Julia was behind bars a lot of season 3 centred around the storyline. What is your opinion of Julia in jail?
  4. Arlene Halloran

    More Agrettis.

    Should there have been more Agrettis in the show, at the same time? Granted Carlo's brothers Phillip and Frank had moved away, with Frank eventually coming back but I feel it would have been good for the show if there had been a broader Agretti presence.
  5. Arlene Halloran

    Sister combos

    Which was the best FC sister combo? Julia and Emma or Terri and Maggie or Angela and Francesca or maybe Erin Jones and Meredith Braxton?
  6. Arlene Halloran

    Which man was best suited to Melissa, other than Cole or Lance?

    Melissa was in a relationship with most of the Tuscany Valley men, one or two were brief and the others long enough. Other than Cole or Lance who was best suited with Angela's young competitor?
  7. Arlene Halloran

    FC music composers. Who did it better?

    Who were your favourite incidental music composers, from the different eras? Bill Conti (who wrote the theme tune) did most of season 1. Then there was a team of orchestral incidental music for the second to fifth season; Dana Kaproff, Peter Myers and Shirley Walker among others. Mark Snow...
  8. Arlene Halloran

    The spiritualist and bigamist

    Ah Emma got heartbroken again in season 6. Poor Dwayne was barely cold in his grave and Vince Karlotti (an opportunist if there ever was one) came along as a spiritualist living in a spooky house, by the way to put Emma in touch with Dwayne. Sure enough she was had yet again when they went to...
  9. Arlene Halloran

    Nick Hogan's bigamist twist.

    Despite not being fond of Vicky's sugar daddy Nick Hogan I am curious as to your thoughts on his bigamist twist, after romancing Vicky and then marrying her at the lavish mansion wedding? Should he have also died as a result of Julia shooting at the wedding ceremony?
  10. Arlene Halloran

    Terri & the playboy, doctor, attorney or publisher / horse love?

    Who made Terri the happiest: Lance (the playboy vintner), Michael (the Doctor), Greg (the attorney - horse breeder) or Richard (the publisher-horse racetrack owner and vintner)? Whichever man it was dollar symbols all the way. Digging for gold all the way our Terri.
  11. Arlene Halloran

    Lee Bergere joining the cast.

    Does anybody recall what Dynasty's Lee Bergere's character Mr. Nash did, when he joined the show in season 8? I know his daughter lived with him but the rest is hazy.
  12. Arlene Halloran

    Douglas in season two and beyond

    Could you have pictured Douglas running THE GLOBE with Richard in season two and beyond? Was there really room for Angela's first husband in the show apart from sort of setting the scene in the first year.
  13. Arlene Halloran

    Who was nicer, Emma or Maggie?

    Emma was eccentric with mental health issues yet she had this nice nature, despite talking back to mummy dearest. Maggie was a polar opposite to Angela, down to earth and pleasant. Who is your choice as the nicest, which blonde?
  14. Arlene Halloran

    Settling an old debt

    When it was revealed who Cassandra and Damon's mom was there was a bit of mystery involved, up until the fourth season finished. I thought the introduction of the Rossinis after the treasure plot was as interesting an alternative as could be served up. Anna was quite the hoot, with her stick...
  15. Arlene Halloran

    Phone calls from Jane Wyman & then

    According to the grapevine Jane Wyman telephoned Mel Ferrer quite often, to discuss the show. Then all of a sudden the calls stopped and Mel got the chop from the cast, in the summer of 1984. A coincidence or what?
  16. Arlene Halloran

    N.o 1 attorney.

    In your opinion who was the number one attorney?
  17. Arlene Halloran

    28 years ago

    Time really as flew since the last episode was first shown, on 17/05/1990. A fine ending even if Angela went a little cheesy, still though the one you didn't want to mess with.
  18. Arlene Halloran

    Chase minus the beard

    After seeing a photo of Robert Foxworth minus his beard, in season 7 do you think he should have gone at least one season without in the show?
  19. Arlene Halloran

    Who from the past in season 9?

    If you could choose any of the past characters (obviously still alive), to appear in the ninth and final season who would he or she or they have been and why? Some suggestions to jog your memory – Cole Gioberti Julia Cumson Father Christopher Robin Agretti Kit Marlowe Tony Cumson Damon Rossini...
  20. Arlene Halloran

    The new forum image.

    A new year and a new forum image. I like it very much, with almost all of the main characters getting a slice of representation. Ta ta to Ome and others who maybe helped create the image.