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  1. Michael Torrance

    Watching DYNASTY in HD: Season 5, episode 10: Kristina

    So once upon a time (aka quite recently) Amazon recently started offering season 5 in HD, so I decided to buy it. It was weird why they only decided to offer this season in HD, but after all this was the highest rated one by Nielsen (it was the #1 show during the 1984-85 season) so maybe there...
  2. Michael Torrance

    Why did DYNASTY writing go bad?

    As @Alexis said, with DYNASTY we have to work so hard to make some sense of it, especially once season 4 rolls along. So I am curious, why do you think that is? An obvious culprit is the Shapiros' abandonment. Already by the end of season 3 they were focused on the (short-lived) Emerald Point...
  3. Michael Torrance

    The Alien in the Room: The UFO sequence unanswered questions

    So many unanswered questions: 1. Why is Fallon being hysterical on the phone with the operator? I know she was always written as a hysterical hausfrau on THE COLBYS, but they were family and had to put up with her. The operator should have said "I can't hear you between the British accent and...
  4. Michael Torrance


    I am by nature a very punctual person, to the point that if someone is one minute late I consider them very late, for I have been there 10-15 minutes earlier to NOT be late. I know it is not nurture, for I was raised in Greece where people drive around the block when invited to a celebration or...
  5. Michael Torrance

    The EU’s recovery fund is a benefit of Brexit The bloc takes steps that would have been impossible with Britain as a member Consider a counterfactual. A few years after the referendum in which Britain narrowly voted to stay in the EU, David Cameron...
  6. Michael Torrance

    Bang, Marry, Kill the secondary characters

    So, here are the rules: The following characters from the Dynastyverse are off limits: Blake, Krystle (but not Rita), Alexis, both Stevens, both Fallons, Adam, Claudia, Sammy Jo, both Amandas, Jeff, Dex, Sable, Miles. I had to include Sable despite only guesting in a few season 6 episodes and...
  7. Michael Torrance

    Colbys vs Carringtons during Season 2

    Carringtons: Blake, Steven, Sammy Jo Colbys: Cecil, Jeff, Fallon A tie, or a victory for the Colbys if early in the season! Former Carrington, soon-to-be-Colby: Alexis More(ll) Cleavage Still married to a gigolo tennis pro: Krystle Unaware she would die playing with matches before her...
  8. Michael Torrance

    Nick and Krystle: what did the other characters know?

    Here are some questions I thought of the other day while watching a relevant Youtube video: We saw Krystle and Nick kiss in season 2, episode 10, after she saw the pictures of Blake and Alexis in Rome. In that episode, they confessed they had feelings for one another. At the end of the episode...
  9. Michael Torrance

    HBO "Love, Victor" ("Love,Simon"spin-off)

    This last week I watched "Love, Victor" on Hulu. I enjoyed it and recommend it despite one issue I will mention. For those who have seen "Love, Simon" (for the rest: go watch it now!), the spin-off is a very ingenious take. The Simon character is seen as a distant figure casting his shadow over...
  10. Michael Torrance

    How Dynasty Stars Would Like to Change Their Characters

    This was at the beginning of season 6
  11. Michael Torrance

    DYNASTY's two shows

    Which show were you a fan of? There is the DYNASTY that is a saga of the Carrington family, with a strong narrative in seasons 1-3, and some coherence resurfacing in season 5, certainly 6B (which is like a continuation of the strong first three years), and then a different chapter—but of the...
  12. Michael Torrance

    Barbara Stanwyck in DYNASTY II

    Original Dynasty did this wrong match of actress to character later with Terri Garber in season 7 (and tried to correct it a season later), but it makes no sense to me why they cast Stanwyck as Jason's loyal sister. She was a powerhouse as a controlling and powerful matriarch in "The Thorn...
  13. Michael Torrance

    "In The Carringtons’ Image: Musings on THE COLBYS"

    FYI, this website has also covered DYNASTY. Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! As we continue with our monthly coverage of Dynasty (1981-1989, ABC), the most definitive primetime soap of the 1980s, it’s...
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    Second season candidate
  15. Michael Torrance

    Headline: The death of George Floyd, and the frustration that nothing ever changes

    The death of George Floyd, and the frustration that nothing ever changes Don’t know what it is about warm weather that seems, more so than other seasons, to pull always-present racial...
  16. Michael Torrance

    Lady Ashley was a loser long before DYNASTY

    I mean, Eastern Airlines took out a whole ad page to warn us... Front and center.
  17. Michael Torrance

    Ekaterina (Екатерина) on Amazon Prime

    I like these stories of European monarchs, and I find it interesting to watch the different modes of storytelling on Russian TV (it is a Russia-1 production). Production values are actually quite good, and some of the actors and actresses are mesmerizing to watch. Dialogue is in translation so...
  18. Michael Torrance

    How do I get...

    to have as many posts as @Swami ? Can I exhale between posts or do I have to hold my breath between batches of 10? :D
  19. Michael Torrance

    Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Race for President

    Not that many cared about it at this point, with the attention focus on the pandemic, but nonetheless...
  20. Michael Torrance

    Later DYNASTY's frequent mistake: telling, not showing

    Here is a scene that took place all of 3 min 56 secs on DYNASTY during its regal ratings season: And here are all the threads packed into the scene: Elena and her standing as a member of the Moldavian aristocracy Elena and Michael's past and how Alexis' forcing the marriage of Amanda and...