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  1. Matthew Blaisdel

    Has Deborah Rennard been in "Star Trek - The Motion Picture"?

    I've just watched that movie from 1979 again for the first time in ages and right at the beginning there is a very brief scene with 2 persons in a control room, and the woman looks very much like Deborah Rennard. Though she's not listed in the credits at the end of the movie and IMDB or...
  2. Matthew Blaisdel

    The Corona Virus

    Are you afraid of it? I'm starting to be a little. Already 7 dead and hundreds infected in Italy now. If they don't find the cure or a vaccine soon, then it will slowly spread the whole world..
  3. Matthew Blaisdel

    The Walking Dead Season 9 Discussion - A new beginning

    Just watched S09E01 and i think it is quite epic! Easily the best episode of TWD that i have seen in ages. Maybe because of the new showrunner Ms. Kang, could be the old ones were just exhausted after all those years. Time jump was a great idea, so we start 18 Months later and the opening...
  4. Matthew Blaisdel

    nuDynasty News And so the wait for s2 begins - time for predictions, rumors & spoilers

    It's a loooong time till autumn without new episodes. :oops: What do you think will happen next? Will anyone die in the fire ... Steven, Cristal, Alexis... Michael?! :eek: Will CA really be sold or does Blake regain control over it somehow? Will Alexis join forces with Cecil to destroy Blake...
  5. Matthew Blaisdel

    Anyone interested in HD episodes of season 6 ...

    ...i've uploaded episodes 29 & 30, the climax of season 6 (and possibly the whole show) in high def to this free high quality streaming site, as i know here are the worlds most devoted and much appreciated Dynasty-fans united in this very forum... enjoy them while you can... so, BEST possible...
  6. Matthew Blaisdel

    Fear the Walking Dead Season 4

    Don't read if you haven't seen episode 2 yet!
  7. Matthew Blaisdel

    Want the old Google picture search back?

    Try this: ... and the picture search will appear as it was before the stupid changes! :dance: Cheers! :D
  8. Matthew Blaisdel

    Nicolette Sheridan plays Alexis on CWs nuDynasty!!!

    Just wanted to share this news here as well, just in case some of you don't read the Dynasty forum. :D With this post it was revealed earlier today: So no excuses anymore, all Knots Landing (and Desperate...
  9. Matthew Blaisdel

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01e05: Company Slut

    Strange how every new episode gets to be my favorite, this show is really getting better and better. Lots of cool moments between Cristal and Fallon. Loved "the photo"! Fallon's look on it was hilarious! :lol: Nice little conversations between our best buddies, "Jo&Jo", Sammy and Anders do get...
  10. Matthew Blaisdel

    Songs that attended you in you life..why and what?!

    Here are some songs that attended me in my life., First one: Self control from Laura Brannigan. I love this song so much and i think i first encountered it when my mom was driving several friends of mine and me to a swimming place over a street bridge. Those are the images that i connect with...
  11. Matthew Blaisdel

    That awful music

    I just can't tell how annoyed i'm about that "theme". I mean... double deep base and then stupid snap... THAT's supposed to be the theme? In just every scene where tension is supposed to come up we hear that stupid snap-beat. This is SO going on my nerves already and if that stupid snap-thingy...
  12. Matthew Blaisdel

    Just SEVEN episodes?? So that's it? 7 episodes? Or is that a divided season that continues in January? And Blake will be only in 5 of them, as well as Sammy Joe? WTH..
  13. Matthew Blaisdel

    Random stuff

    Didn't find a proper thread for that, so i created this one for just random things. Just fiddeled a litte with Google Earth and just saw that one of my best friends (near Cologne) lives here: Now doesn't THAT look familiar? I've never noticed this before, when i vistited him at that place...
  14. Matthew Blaisdel

    Childhood memories - Marillion - SO great!

    Hey, i just went for a walk down memory lane and Marillion's album "Misplaced Childhood" came across. Highly recommended gem!!! For those in the early (or later) 40s this will ring a bell: Also if you not from that time, the part from 2:14 on WILL sound familiar to you. It's Marillions "Do...
  15. Matthew Blaisdel

    Who will help?

    As you might noticed ... the forum has been down and in the past all content has been lost. Are you willing to prevent that from happening again? Are you willing to donate a dollar or two per month to a possible new forum owner? I am. I love you all and i love sharing my thoughts with you and...
  16. Matthew Blaisdel

    Best one liners

    One would assume an Alexis-one-liner would first appear, but instead i'm starting this out with one from Blake. :p Blake to Alexis and Ben after he got his mansion back from Alexis in season 7: "Oh, and don't worry about cleaning up, I'm having the whole place fumigated in the morning!" :D
  17. Matthew Blaisdel

    Reasons why i HATE this reboot already

    First, i'm pretty sure (95%) that it will ruin the name and brand of "Dynasty" for the next centuries. Second, i'm not a fan of reboots at all (if the original was good and successful), either do a proper continuation or let it rest in peace, because all else is unnecessary! What made Dynasty...
  18. Matthew Blaisdel

    The theme music ...

    ... played on organ in the church! Goosebumps-alert! :eck: Love this guy! :jump2:
  19. Matthew Blaisdel

    Why are some of the forums so small?

    Hi, why do some of the forums appear so small on my Laptop? For example this one, and the one for "The Colbys" and some others. The width is very tiny, seems fixed and all is centered in the middle of the screen which results in scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Others, like the main page...
  20. Matthew Blaisdel

    HELP! I'm "LOVE BOAT" addicted!

    Hi, a few days ago a friend told me that in the US, the "Love Boat" had a laugh track. I couldn't believe that, because in the German dubbed version of it there never was a laugh track. So i went to the internets and watched one episode of it with the original audio. Indeed, there was a laugh...