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  1. Soaplover

    If feel better about this remake if...

    There were better show runners hanging this...such as the show runner for Jane the Virgin. That show runner adapted a telenovela for the American audience that has a healthy balance of quirky and heart felt moments. There are people out there that would do a remake justice, imho.
  2. Soaplover

    Pacific Palisades

    Right now, it appears that some of the episodes are on youtube. I believe you can type in Pacific Palisades s01e01
  3. Soaplover

    Dream season...inside the head of Pamela Ewing

    Yes, the 1985 to 1986 season became known as the dream season and it was a last minute decision. However, if you think about it...that whole season was the last time we fknally got to see things from Pam's point of view and could partly explain the Stepford Wife approach she takes in that final...
  4. Soaplover

    Bare essence

    The mini series just got uploaded to youtube the other day. The success of that mini series led to a short lived prime rime soap on NBC in early 1983. Like all attempts at NBC, the show tanked either due to bad time slot, recasting of key parts, or how the show proceeded from the mini series...
  5. Soaplover

    Dallas Character Afton-- smarter then given credit

    Even though Dallas preferred writing for the men over the women...I have to say that they still created some memorable female characters at least in the early years of the show. Afton was a unique character in that she wasn't all good nor all bad...she was a grey character with a lot of...