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  1. Willie Oleson

    Why didn't DYNASTY copy DALLAS?

    When there was a perfect opportunity to create a rival soap for LB and Danny? Was it not possible to tell Seq. Dynasty from their point of view? To be honest, that's always been my very own argument, the lack of strong roots for the next generation Dynasty. But when Seq. Dallas happened they...
  2. Willie Oleson

    Batman THE Batman '21

    The scenes look very dark (literally) I hope it's not going to be an issue.
  3. Willie Oleson

    Rewatching Central Park West

    Because it's you-know-where, and you never know how long that's going to last. The first thing to notice (or in this case, re-notice) is the awesome intro theme which is also being used as the main score in the episodes - or at least variations thereof. 25 years later, I wondered if my good...
  4. Willie Oleson

    The second Poirot remake is coming

    Be afraid…
  5. Willie Oleson

    Who is AndyB?

    He's listed as administrator in the registered users list, but he's not in the staff members list. And hasn't posted anything so far. I'm intrigued.
  6. Willie Oleson

    Stop the clock! I'm not ready yet!

    I need more time to prepare myself for you-know-what.
  7. Willie Oleson

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Latecomers - The Result

    It's my last SLB topic, and I've decided to combine "last" with the mysterious "it's coming" theme that's currently floating around. The last installments of the 1980s-going-1990s prime time soaps are usually not discussed with the greatest of fondness, so this might be a bit challenging for...
  8. Willie Oleson

    Breaking Bad

    First of all, I'm going to establish the fact that Ozark stole the "smurfs" from Breaking Bad. Yes, they already existed in 2008. Furthermore, this first BB season is awesome. It's raw and gore-y and unflattering, and it's also super-funny. Walt and Pinkman are a great duo, and the science is...
  9. Willie Oleson

    Daniel & Ashley vs. Blake & Krystle - an unadulterous, psychological affair

    I mean, instead of the affairs that weren't going to happen, could Blake and Krystle secretly have developed certain feelings for these characters that would eventually result in jealousy, thus creating a lot of tension in the Carrington bedroom? So it's not like Blake would want to start an...
  10. Willie Oleson

    What's your fascination

    And I don't mean a hobby or a passion because these are activities we seek to enjoy. I think a fascination is something that never fails to surprise you, and depending on the subject that can be every day or once a year - and it only happens there and then, it doesn't linger or yearn (like...
  11. Willie Oleson

    Should Titania boss Monica Colby have turned down Madonna?

    Just for the fun of it? "It's...cute, but not really the kind of quality we're looking for here at Titania. I'm sorry". Followed by a Madonna & Miles elevator-sex scene?
  12. Willie Oleson

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Business Storylines - The Result

    And I mean specific storylines, not an overarching battle for The Companies because that theme was always running in the background. What financial intrigues should be in our top 5?
  13. Willie Oleson

    Alert! The brilliance of the Rita storyline completely underrated by angry fans!

    Because it was a pre-TWIN PEAKS storyline! Roadhouse vs. Roadhouse matchbook vs. cigarettes not really about smoking vs. not really about smoking The surrealism of the doppelgänger, when DYNASTY broke the soap rule: "it doesn't have to be believable, as long as it's not impossible" -...
  14. Willie Oleson

    missing forum names

    It appears that some Dynasty fans haven't signed up yet.:mo: Where is our @EmptyArmedMadonna? And @doginperpetualheat and @Dexterous Diva and @FureverKrystle? How would you register at the soapchat front desk today? Same name, or something else? I think I'd create @Wicky De Vilbis. It sounds...
  15. Willie Oleson

    Cornelia Frances in DYNASTY II - Catwalk

    Spin-off of the equally obscure "Dynasty" (1969)
  16. Willie Oleson

    Number 96 - Reunion 2007

    The year 2007, not the 2007th reunion!
  17. Willie Oleson

    Sons & Daughters Top Ten - The cliffhangers

    I hope! If I have to wait another year I'd have to re-rewatch it all over again (not a bad idea at all, btw) so I figured let's just start the thread and see what happens. In case it catches on then I don't consider myself the "host" of this thread, it would be nice if we all start a theme we...
  18. Willie Oleson

    Hammer House Of - Horror versus Mystery And Suspense

    Who did it best? When, and why?
  19. Willie Oleson

    Best police series?

    And I mean the traditional ones with a police station and co-workers, not the murder detectives or the glossy crime-solving couples like Dempsey & Makepeace or Miami Vice or Moonlighting. I've only watched Cagney & Lacey and The Shield - both very good of course - and I wonder if there are...