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    Lockdown Hair Situations

    I lean, as a rule, towards long hair. But I'm thinking of buzz-cutting the back and sides with a longer muffin-top --- I've never done that before. Young-looking though I am (at 70 or 80, I'm still younger than Victoria) I'm not quite this young-looking anymore, I say modestly. Nor do I have...
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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    Yes, one would potentially tip your karma --- to eternal damnation! We should all have a Sue Ellen in our attics.
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    Gilligan's Island

    I do think GILLIGAN probably had one more season in it.
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    Joan, Christina, & Mommie Dearest

    Apparently. And Larry Hagman played Jack Jones, a composite character oil banker, at the Murchison party in Oliver Stone's NIXON movie.
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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    But it's not me!! :eck::eck:
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    Joan, Christina, & Mommie Dearest

    The JFK Assassination -- What did Joan Crawford know and when did she know it? Joan Crawford attended the Pepsi bottlers convention taking place in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. She had paused the proceedings when she and several Pepsi executives stepped briefly from the Baker Hotel...
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    That Girl

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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

    Well, no, it's not me -- I promise! :devil: But I know someone who's started dating a Satanist/Wiccan and while the minion seems like a decent guy -- y'know... he worships the Devil!
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    Dating a Wiccan/Satanist

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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    A rather rough 1970 promo sent out to all the CBS affiliate stations:
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    Death Valley hits highest temperature in U.S. in at least 107 years

    Joe Rogan admits he effed up on the "Antifa started forest fires" claim ~02:00 ...
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    Mary addresses the title issue at ~06:20 ...
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    Mary and co-stars do OPRAH (nothing sexual) circa 2008:
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    DYNASTY Videos

    Her apartment is lovely. And every 87 year old should be so sharp. Of course, we remember when the nuDYNASTY rumors started around 2012 when nuDALLAS got going, and Linda and Joan and Stephanie went on record saying they'd do it. But the executives decided what the audience really wanted was a...
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    Family Affair (1966─1971)

    I used to see it as a kid. Brian Keith is likeable. But the word "saccharine" is often applied to the show. 'Sebastian Cabot' is the best name ever used in human history, and it seems the actor should have later played some bitchy part in DYNASTY. Using his actual name. Except that he was...
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    The Assassination of Gianni Versace

    Inside Versace's South Beach mansion:
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    baby elephant videos

    Elephants in mourning... A baby elephant is hit by a speeding car, breaking its back, two legs, and leaving serious internal injuries -- the baby will not survive... The herd is in a desperate panic, does a lot of shrieking, and tries to "kick" the baby up (as is an elephant's instinct) but in...
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    Honor Blackman dies aged 94.

    How did miss this news -- and only months before Emma Peel flew to heaven, too!
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    Laura Petrie in the final season of DVD seems awfully like Mary Richards, frankly. I like the Chuckles episode, but it was ruined in syndication with all the cuts throwing off the pacing. Sometimes I wish Mary had done the Vitameatavegamin commercial. I can just see it. It's both, really...
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    Gilligan's Island

    And you're right -- GILLIGAN is the best thing he did. Was it the casting? Probably. PS: I still get the IAT theme song in my head.